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My name is Adrianne and I am the Head Peacock Mama who wants to bring love, strength and power to all of the Peacock Mamas a.k.a "mamas with a whole lotta kids" in the world. I own an apparel and accessories shop that is devoted to providing comfy, sexy, and funky clothes to the mamas to remind them of how amazingly flyy they still are. Check us out!

All Virtual

All Safe

"When we come together, we make big moves."

You have arrived at the Peacock Mama Pop Up Shop!

A one stop shop where women owned businesses have come together to make your shopping experience convenient, fun and safe! 

We have apparel, accessories and intimate enhancements for your shopping pleasure! Click the link to the shop you would like to check out or check out them all! We cannot wait to serve you a lit and enjoyable experience!

- Peacock Mamas

Looking for a group of women who understand you like no one else?

When you start having a whole lotta kids, they kinda take over your life. Well it's time to start a fresh, more balanced and fulfilling chapter as a Peacock Mama. Ok? Ok! :)

We are group of women who empower and uplift ourselves in entreprenurship/finances, home life, inner and outer beauty, having all the fun, and lighting our sexy fires. We want to always remember how fun, confident, ambitious and amazing we still are with a "whole lotta kids".  Join our flock!

Welcome to the Peacock Mama flock!