So How Can It Truly Be My Time?

When I became a mom I never realized how much it would change my identity. 

I would ultimately be so engulfed with the duties of motherhood that I would only seem to identify with...well motherhood.

Although motherhood is totally and completed joy on earth, it can also feel as if you're trapped. Trapped in a cage of motherly duties and experiences. 

Overwhelmed with the burdens of night duty, diaper changes, soccer practice, school dances, birthdays and graduations. 

We tend to put our lives on hold because we have birthed pieces of our heart in human form right before our eyes.

Little humans we can hug, kiss and play hide and go seek with. 

Humans that grow up to be our friends with whom we will always share life...

But must we only have the identity of being a mom, or do we choose such?

I believe that it is the latter.

Can we do it all? 

I say yes.

Can we have it all?

I say yes. 

Why would we desire the things that bring us such joy to have to stifle them forever?

Were mothers made to just wish and dream but never live?


Not at all.

So I charge YOU mommy

Write your dreams and make them plain

Focus on one dream

Then focus on one goal of that dream that will start the ball rolling towards ALL that you were destined to be.

A mommy who embraces that not only is it time for her to sacrifice so much for her beautiful kids, but also a mommy who embraces that there is also, if only a little, time for her and who she was created to be in full. 

Until next time,

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