Rise UP

When I get tired and want to binge my favorite Netflix shows because I feel that I'm so "over-worked and never get a break", I consider this...

1. Am I speaking the truth and really do need a break?

2. OR am I giving up?

Because really when I get to the point that I do not want to do anything, I tend to want to give my dreams up altogether.

I am feeling at that point that life is just too hard being a mama to three little ones, ages 3, 2, and 1.

I am feeling at that point that it is just too hard being a wife and fulfilling those duties.

I am feeling at that point that I was crazy to think that I could possibly juggle taking care of my family and run my own business while making it my mission to try and uplift and inspire mommies who feel they can't have it all.

So after I let my emotions simmer, out of the fragrant steam of a lapse in knowing my strength that I have been given to run this race of life, I see that I must answer yes to both questions.

I DO need a break, so that I won't give up.

Because giving up is not an option.

My sacrifices as a mother and wife are always to give my all to my family in every way.

In saying that, being able to give such a huge sacrifice, requires that I must make time to rest.

I must say "Adrianne" binge watch, "Reign" (does anyone else love that show? I'm obsessed with history) and I forbid you to feel guilty about it :)

So as moms we must rise up to the challenge of not only the task that has been given to us in motherhood, but also we must rise to the challenge of having the courage to take care of ourselves.

We must Rise UP at all times, and in all decisions to be the best that we can be even as we ride on this roller coaster of not only "mommyhood' but life.

Until Next Time!


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