A Lazy Day Makes A Happy Day

So as we speak I am typing this blog on the rug on my bedroom with my baby girl on her IPad next to me, my big boy in his room, and my baby boy next to me doing whatever he pleases.

I have chosen today to REST.


And not to anyone as if I am being judged.

But unapologetically to myself.

Why oh why are we so hard on ourselves as mommies?

Like seriously why do I feel depressed if my house is messy for one day? Or the clothes are just a week behind? Or if I'm not stressing about stressing.

Who cares? Because my family sure doesn't. They run around happily having a great time mess or not. If they had no clothes clean, the would happily skip bare-bootie hopping over their clothes, toys and left over popcorn they had for snack.

I am the only one stressing when I could be resting, playing with the kids, catching up on Game of Thrones or Power, or updating my Happy Planner.

So today I decide to do just that. Through some Live and Create (my design and apparel business) work in there and enjoy my family and my sanity.

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