When I Want To Give Up

So basically around 5 every day my home turns into a screaming, crying, chaotic mess. I am trying to finish up dinner while three crying and fighting toddlers are all around me. They are usually writing on walls, writing on floors, writing in my beloved Happy Planner (my babygirl is obsessed with writing). They are hitting one another, fighting over the toys, crying for juice after I have repeatedly said "No more juice today, only water." My baby boy is crying because he is sleepy...my baby girl is crying because she is sleepy...my big boy is crying because he is sleepy...I am crying because I am sleepy.

You catch my drift?

Every time around this time every day I am literally questioning my ability to mother anyone let alone these three beautiful toddlers.

My attitude can become pretty much intolerable and the ones who suffer are my kiddos and the husband.

But you know what after I go to sleep and wake up again...all is right with the world again and I forget all about what happened the day before.

Thankful so much for renewed strength and renewed patience and love.

But is the reset button ALWAYS pressed the next morning.

Unfortunately no.

Sometimes, I must say, I don't feel renewed and this is when I realize that I must pull away. If only just for a couple of hours to regroup so that I can be the best me to me,

to ever be the best me to my family.

Until next week!


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