When We Focus On Tragedy

The title of this blog post is such a deterrent from even reading it.

But since you have started, I am positive that you are curious as to what it is about.

Focusing on tragedy...

Why is it important for us as humans to focus on tragedy as well as celebration?

My inspiration for writing this was the horrific act that occurred in Las Vegas a day ago. I am stunned that someone planned this terrible act for those that were completely innocent. How broken could he be that he felt he needed to kill and hurt so many people that had done nothing to him.

Secondly how alone could he have been that absolutely NO ONE knew that he was capable of such an act.

That part alone leaves me speechless. How did no one know?

How did no one know???

It makes absolutely no sense but that we are that distant from one another as humans and so caught up in ourselves that we are leaving those that we love the most behind...consumed with their dark thoughts...plagued with their hurt and sorrow, until they are forced to hurt themselves or other innocent people.

So when I mean to focus on tragedy...I mean to focus on it to mourn with those that mourn.

Allow yourself to hurt so that you can be grateful that your kids are even alive to make that house dirty which you’ve been complaining about non-stop.

That your kids are there to wake you up in the middle of the night with a stomachache or broken heart.

That your family and friends are there to fight with and annoy you.

Allow yourself to become aware of those around you that need more of you.

Not the busy you who is depleted of strength and peace of mind.

But the you who allows a dirty house to make time for one who is hurting because they need your ear...your hug...your prayers...your love

What if you are the one that’s hurting?

Shoot me an email! I can be there for you or I will do what I can to connect you to who can help and be a sister to you because YOU matter.




Stephen Paddock...knew he didn’t matter...he couldn’t care for others because he did not care for himself. But what if he had just one person or two who reminded him of his worth? Today would be much less somber because of just one.

So yes let’s focus on tragedy so that we come together to help prevent these tragedies ever happening again.

Until next time,


*Photo from NY Magazine*

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