Why We Chose a Vegan Diet

Why did we choose this vegan life? Well I think the question is more, why do we stick with this vegan life day after day? Like any new commitment, it's easier to choose than to commit. There have definitely been times that Stetson and I have been tempted to give up and eat just one chicken tender dipped in "Cane's" sauce. To indulge in just one slice of gooey, cheesy pepperoni and sausage pizza. To order a Chai tea latte from Starbucks with regular creamy milk, instead of second rated almond milk. But we haven't succumbed to our desires yet, not because we are perfect but more so this journey has become more logical than emotional. By that I mean people, as is common in human nature, have made food more of an emotional need than something to sustain our life. You know the feeling you get when you bite into a tender and perfectly seasoned steak? Or the pleasure that warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies with creamy and cold vanilla ice cream gives you? Those feelings have nothing to do with food but more with a pleasure that we associate with it. I find really no issue with this because the only logical thing we have chosen to do is to give vegan foods that same emotional tie. If food was not meant to be pleasurable than I don't think it would have been in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve’s... pleasure. I guess I mean we choose logic over emotion not to necessarily make it a debate as to eating healthier is best, although that is logical within itself, but more that if having a vegan diet helps my health and the health of my family just a tiny bit, then it's worth it. We have chosen to make vegan cookies at home and make chicken-fried cauliflower. We indulge in vegan nachos and find vegan restaurants that make a mean fish basket. We frequent Chick-Fila for the waffle fries and dip them in Polynesian sauce. We've found a way to tie other foods to those emotional connections that give us pleasure. We have also come to realize that this has become a spiritual journey for us. Food has less of an emotional hold on us than it used to. We attribute our happiness more with being with one another while eating instead of what we're actually eating. Although we thoroughly enjoy our food most of the time, we also have days that are 'blah' 'just like before we chose to be vegan. When I look at Stetson and say "OK babe this particular black bean wrap needs to be scratched off rotation". But I can honestly say we have so many days that are “good eating” and some days that are surprisingly delicious and "meat like" like chickpea "chicken" salad and crackers. Every day of us choosing this vegan life puts us one more day farther from ever eating meat again. We’re definitely not here to shame meat eaters but just to say you have options and with options you have choices and with choices you have FREEDOM until next time, Adrianne

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