Thankful for My Month of Depression

So recently I dealt with depression...

Not because life was failing, but because I was FINALLY in the position to get what I had been working years for!

But more so because I felt I was failing...

And I could never seem to stop failing

No matter how hard I tried.

Day after day.

Motherhood came fast for me.

Not with my first child. Because I had gotten married at a fresh 24. Got pregnant at 25.

Had my first baby at a fresh 26.

So I was pretty mentally prepared (as best as I could) for motherhood.

But then I got pregnant when my first baby was 3 months.

Had my baby girl and then I got pregnant with my baby boy when my baby girl was 3 months.

That was hard but did not bring depression because I was on a mission to achieve what I felt would be the most perfect life for my family.

And that plan included financial success but more importantly, me being more present in their lives.

So the goal was to become a wfhm (work from home mom) and while running a business I would be able to pour into my children's lives at the highest capacity.

I started my business, worked by day as a teacher and by night as a t-shirt designer.

I worked hard for a couple of years to build it up so that I was able to stop working as a teacher and pursue it full-time at home while taking care of my beautiful babies.

As I clocked out for the last time before the summer and my "freedom" began I could have literally ran out of the building screaming with relief and joy!

This feeling continued until I realized I just couldn't get everything done during the day.

To be honest I got nothing done. Instead I was runn