The Chaos of Preschool at Home

Preschool and homeschool seemed to go hand in hand until I realized how crazy those things are put together as one.

I mean have you ever seen toddlers at home?

Running around.

Screaming needlessly.

Leaving behind destruction of all rooms and (once upon a time) clear walls.

Have you ever seen toddlers at preschool?

Running around.

Screaming needlessly.

Leaving destruction to all rooms and (once upon a time) clear walls.

So just imagine a former third grade teacher becoming a teacher to her offspring, not knowing where to start or end.

I pretty much could not get through one Grayson Preschool Academy day without having to raise my voice a minimal of 10 times out of frustration from one (or two) of my children doing flips through my lessons.

I thought what was best, was for me to jam pack our two hours of designated school time with three million activities, so that we could maximize our time and have a blast.

So of course that didn’t work.

I was left exhausted and frustrated.

The kids overstimulated and over worked.

So I felt as if I wasn’t teaching much of anything. I was so busy keeping them busy that at times we were both miserable. (More times than not)

Until I realized that less is more.

When I began to keep our days simple, then I began to be less stressed, the kids more happy, and the couple of activities that I planned to teach them I saw were more than enough to have them “get it”!

The thing about this mommyhood is that we just put too much pressure on ourselves to be this “perfect” picture that we see in our brains.

That perfect version of ourselves is our worst enemy, not because of something outside of our control but more so because it is TOO much in our control.

So here is my motto of the new year again...let go...breathe...take in the fruit of your labor and enjoy it by kicking your feet up and eating those delicious strawberries (your accomplishments because you have


And if you are a homeschool mommy my practical advice would be to make a simple schedule and try your best to stick to it.

My mommy to mommy advice would be to make sure you get your cup of coffee...(it contains magic ;))

Until next time,


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