The "Oh Those Pesky Chin Hairs" Syndrome

Ok so I know right?

The title is so like "Whhaaaaa?"

I know some of you hairless women are like "'Pesky Chin Hairs" syndrome? So glad I don't have those manly problems.

But some of you are cracking up because you suffer from "Oh Those Pesky Chin Hairs Again!" syndrome too and are so glad that someone finally decided to write about your struggle.

I was inspired to write this blog post because earlier today, my husband told me while he was patiently sitting at a stoplight, he began to pull the loose hairs out of his beard in the mirror. He happened to look over and see a woman doing the same. She didn't have a beard of course, but she did have her trusty tweezers (You know what I'm talking about, the ones that if you lose you find yourself searching high and low to find. My favorite pair is Tweezerman purple with white polka dots. (Please leave your favorite pair in the comments below ;))

He thought it was a funny sight but he's so used to seeing me pull out mine on the couch, he wasn't judging.

So then I was like, "Ok why don't we talk about chin hairs? There are so many women that have chin hairs, a "peach fuzz" mustache, etc. (I have both) and we act as if they don't exist."

Let's go back in time when I was a fresh 18 years old. I so remember when my chin was nice and bare and I never had to worry about those annoying hairs growing from my chin.

But then I think I was about 18 and 6 months... and the dreaded first hair appeared.

I was horrified! I couldn't believe I had been dealt this manly curse that I must hide from the masses.

So I got some tweezers, pulled out my first hair, breathed a sigh of relief and prayed that it was my first and last one.

It totally wasn't. But I didn't get them that often.

Until I had KIDS.

Fast forward to present day, 11 years later, 29 years old and they have multiplied! (I am a bit horrified to type this but...oh well)

I think I must blame these multiplying hairs on my kiddos, because as I type, my purple and white polka dotted tweezers are sitting next to my computer, having just done their job. Now I have returned to a less monstrous, smooth chinned woman.

But what is so monstrous about hair?

Why are we so horrified by things that are so normal, horrified by things that are just not really that horrifying?

(I know right? Here comes the sermon ;))

So I say pull those chin hairs girl! Pull them with pride!

Let's see chin hairs as a rite of passage instead of a curse...

As a normal part of life that doesn't elicit disgust but more so that elicits...nothing

Nothing but your trusty tweezers that you can't live without.

Until next time,


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