Working Mom vs. SAHM

Working mom vs. SAHM (stay at home mom) is the debate that I see all around social media.

Working mom: "I don't know how you can stay at home with your kids?"

"Don't you want to be more than a mom?"

SAHM: "I chose to stay at home with my kids so that they do not feel neglected."

"I don't know how other moms can stand leaving their children with others."

Well I have been/am both and I see both sides but honestly since I can see both...I see deeper.

When I was a working mom, I enjoyed my "breaks".

(Like lunch break without me having to breastfeed someone, or share my entire meal.)

I enjoyed having sooo many stories to tell my husband that didn't only include our children.

It was cool, like I was an adult ;)

I enjoyed when my house was clean when I went to work, and also clean when I returned, instead of it being dirty no matter how many times I cleaned it during the work day.

Now as a SAHM, I love random dance breaks with the kiddos.

Teaching ABCs and 123s.

Kisses and hugs throughout the day and random times I can choose to watch Netflix when the kiddos have decided to give me a little time to myself during nap time.

But there are also negatives on each side.

I remember as a working mom, how I would speed to pick up my babies because I missed them so.