Working Mom vs. SAHM

Working mom vs. SAHM (stay at home mom) is the debate that I see all around social media.

Working mom: "I don't know how you can stay at home with your kids?"

"Don't you want to be more than a mom?"

SAHM: "I chose to stay at home with my kids so that they do not feel neglected."

"I don't know how other moms can stand leaving their children with others."

Well I have been/am both and I see both sides but honestly since I can see both...I see deeper.

When I was a working mom, I enjoyed my "breaks".

(Like lunch break without me having to breastfeed someone, or share my entire meal.)

I enjoyed having sooo many stories to tell my husband that didn't only include our children.

It was cool, like I was an adult ;)

I enjoyed when my house was clean when I went to work, and also clean when I returned, instead of it being dirty no matter how many times I cleaned it during the work day.

Now as a SAHM, I love random dance breaks with the kiddos.

Teaching ABCs and 123s.

Kisses and hugs throughout the day and random times I can choose to watch Netflix when the kiddos have decided to give me a little time to myself during nap time.

But there are also negatives on each side.

I remember as a working mom, how I would speed to pick up my babies because I missed them so.

Or how I would be so fearful that that would do something first and that I would miss it.

Now as a SAHM, I rarely get breaks and sometimes I fear I might go crazy for need of someone not to touch me for the hundredth time.

I am CONSTANTLY cleaning and even after I clean I am still left with a huge mess at the end of the day.

And the CLOTHES omg...I think they might be out to get me at this point because there seems to be no end!

We all know that there are drawbacks to every situation.

Nothing is easy.

So why do we truly look down on those that have the other?


See, what is placed in us mommies is the need to PERFECT.

(Well honestly that's in us as women.)

So in a perfect mommy world we would obviously be two, so that we could go out to work AND stay at home with our precious ones.

So since we can only pick one, the perks of the other makes us feel unworthy.

When we humans feel inadequate, we tend to lash out.

And lash out we do, even to the ones that understand us the most.

So instead of feeling unworthy of this precious crown of motherhood.

Feel empowered.

You, mommy, are the reason your child's world is turning 'round

All of the decisions that you make big or small, wrong or right are directly because you love.

Loving hard is not always easy.

Sacrifices are made either way, but be assured.

Your child will know, regardless, that you love them.

Until next time,


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