The Women Who Inspire

So this is an amazing month for me because it's Black History Month. I treasure this time carved out to remember what the people in my race have endured, created, inspired, fought for, loved, and believed in. It is such a cool time because people of color tend to not be acknowledged or represented. So the times that are created just to do so, are more than welcome in our communities! It's so inspiring to see kids learn about and share what is such a deep part of who they are. It is as if those things that were accomplished very long ago or just a short while, were accomplished for not just one, but for all!

I have always been particularly inspired by black women. The strength and courage it took to support and take care of their husbands and children was remarkable in earlier times. But there is a specific era that always pops up in my thoughts in day-to-day life.


I think of how incredibly sad it was to be raped by your "owner" and then have his child.

I think of how incredibly sad it was to have a child with your husband, who was also a slave, and not be able to have a proper home.

I think of how incredibly sad it was to have your children stripped from your arms and sold never see them again.

I think of how incredibly sad it was to have to leave your children to try, just try to run away to make a better life so they can be sent later on.

Not even knowing if you would even survive, let alone be able to come back and get them.

I think it is because the responsibility I feel for my children is so great.

Our connection.

My protection.

Those things are more of an instinct than a personality trait.

Like when a mama bear is protecting her cub.

Women in slavery times, I'm positive, felt these same instincts.

That is something that you just can't turn off.

And yet those women survived.

They survived even when I'm sure they felt they had nothing left to survive for.

The resilience is something to be encouraged by.