The Reality of Sports Mom Life

So as I’m typing this blog post I’m standing on my son’s soccer field. Oh the joys of being a sports mom right? Ummmm... (To be honest, I almost want to plead the fifth.) I mean don’t get me wrong. I am ALWAYS the mom who is soooooo excited to sign my child up for the season. Especially when we’re trying out a new sport. Eager to make new “Soccer Mom” tees with their glitter and bling. 

Pumped to post pics of my son barely kicking the soccer ball, or standing on the field while his teammates are running around him focused on the game. 

Or you know those group pics of every toddler looking different ways, some smiling, some frowning, some crying to tear open the snack bag they just received. I mean it really IS fun. But you know what I am “Ugh” to? Practice. Games. Not because I don’t enjoy it for my kiddo. Because I LOVE it for him. But more because I don’t enjoy it for myself. 

Running to practice after a long day of working from home with my babes. 

Getting up on Saturday mornings, running around the house, getting everyone dressed, throwing my kids in the car and rushing to games. I mean what kind of mom would I be if I actually admitted this out loud?? Well I decided I would just be real. Like all my mom friends who randomly say during or at the end of the season. “I am so ready for this to be over.” 😂 The cool thing about being a mom is that although you would rather die to continue...Since it’s for your kiddo, you’re all in. Smiles are still bright. Cheers are still loud and piercing. “Good game” is genuine whether they didn’t touch the ball at all or made 1,000 goals. Because mom you rock. You rock simply because someone calls you mama. Until next time, Adrianne ♥️ 

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