Family Vacay 2018

Traveling with kiddos is pretty much...not fun. The plan rides, shuttle rides, car rides are much more stressful than they would normally be if you were riding solo. But all in all, the smiles, laughter, “wows” that they experience on the actual vacation make it all worth it. On our trip to Va to visit family and see my sissy graduate was a huge success! The kids played and laughed with their Papa (my dad) and Uncle J (my brother) and snuggled with their TT (my sister) and their Nana (my mom). It was so much fun to just be in the presence of my immediate family who I don’t get to see but a few times a year. But I must admit it was much more rewarding to see my children bonding and growing close with family so dear to my heart ♥️. The Plane Ride I must say the plane ride going was pretty uneventful. They slept, watched iPads that were packed, snacked on sour/sweet candy and enjoyed the fun of flying high among the clouds like “Birdie” (our bird we adopted who was trapped inside our gate for two days) 😂. But the 7 am plane ride back...was almost horrible. Bun bun aka Liam went to sleep and then woke up two hours too early. Since this was the case, there were no distractions that could outlast that type of boredom for a one year old. He cried when he didn’t get what he wanted because he was still sleepy. He screamed to the top of his lungs with laughter when we played with him to get him to stop screaming. It was on