My First Week On Plexus

Soooooooo this last week my life has changed for the better. I know, I know it sounds dramatic but can I explain how it’s actually true? So I found out I was pregnant with our fourth child in March and I was pretty devastated. Not because I don’t love the little lives I’ve created or that they are not more than life to me but I had plans. Plans to change the world. I recently started to run my own business and blog from home while taking care of my 3 children; 3, 2 and 1 years old and that alone was driving me up the wall. Washing clothes. Making dinner nightly. Cleaning the house...continually It was mayhem. Then on top of that I was trying to stay consistent with my business, talking to customers, creating new and custom designs. I was spiraling down and couldn’t climb out of my hole. As soon as I was reaching the surface and seeing the light, thanks to a closer walk with God and His spirit, I found out I was pregnant... Then the tiredness came and all I could do was pray and take it one day at a time. Then my friend Chas started Plexus and told me about how much it changed her energy... Her energy. More energy was the exact remedy to my problem and I was like ok I MUST try this. So I’ve been taking Plexus for a week and it has COMPLETELY replaced coffee. I just have no need for it. I have become a mompreneur machine.... The house is still taken care of along with the many business opportunities I’m tackling. I am pretty much in shock of how much it has changed me because there’s always that little smidget of doubt, you know? Pleased to say that I am a customer for life and the great thing about it is that there are more health benefits to come...because I’ve only been on Plexus for a week! So this is me shouting from the rooftops of Internet land...“I can’t believe that this plant-based product actually works!” Wanna join me? Email me! Or contact me on Facebook or Instagram! We can all change for the better together! Until next time, Adrianne  

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