This Messy Moment Of Motherhood: My Strategy of How I Keeping a Clean House

So I read this blog post on “How to Keep a Tidy House”. It was pretty boring and wordy but I was drawn to it. Why was I?you say...Well because who doesn´t want a clean house. ALL. THE. TIME. I want to basically walk around a spotless house that is never dirty regardless of how much time we spend in it, how many dishes we use, how many toys the kids take out, how many dirty pampers I change, You know what I mean?...I want my house to be perfect. If it is not, I throw in the towel and I become depressed, overwhelmed, complaining that I have too many people in my house and they are the reason for my house´s demise. But if I was truly TRUE with myself I would say, I really didn´t like cleaning before I was blessed with my family. So they have become who I blame because it is simply accepted by the world around me. Everyone would say I have a full plate and I have reason to complain instead of effectively figuring out a solution, not to be perfect, but more so to create habits within myself that don´t bring on those negative thoughts of blame, discontentment, overwhelmed, and depression. I decided to create habits that bring about peace, joy, creativity and freedom. When I realized that my habits were justified by the world around me and my own disorder, I decided to make a change. A true change that I didn´t start and stop. A true change, a promise I didn´t break. A true change of up. Here´s my strategy in three easy steps... Keep cleaning up. After dinner, before dinner, before bedtime. It´s never ending but it´s so rewarding and it’s QUICK. If you keep cleaning, it’ll free you up to do more. Teach your kids to clean up and MEAN IT. Don´t let them look cute and play on the emotions that you have towards cleaning up. For example, my daughter Aria HATES cleaning up and I want to do it for her because she’s 3 and I don´t like doing it either so I get her lol. But she CAN put stuffed animals on her bed. It is possible, It will happen. When she does it and completes it...she’s smiling, laughing and wants me to give her a kiss because she proud of herself. (The exact feeling I feel when I’ve completed what I thought I couldn’t.) Don´t lie to yourself when you make the plan TO CLEAN. If you make a pattern to lie to yourself, then you will make the pattern to lie to anyone. Nothing is built on lies...even the simplicity of a clean house. When you’ve done this...enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don´t strive for perfection...strive for productivity and time to live in THIS messy moment of motherhood. Because soon it’ll be different...soon they’ll be super clean because they’ll be gone messing up their own houses. 😜 Until next time, Adrianne 

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