Is Being a Mommy Separate From Who I Am?

So I woke up this morning to four sick children. YES, four sick children. Because when one gets sick...they ALL get sick. I told Stetson, my husband, that we should do a science experiment on how germs spread because they definitely SPREAD (lol).

So this morning I woke up at around 4:15, put on essential oils, rubbed them each down with Vick's and mixed up some juice and elderberry drops (I got from my midwife, Bethany :)) for them to drink. Then I strapped Audrey a.k.a. Nunu (our 3 week old bundle of joy) on me and got ready for my VIPKID class.

I must say that although I have been encouraging other mommies these past few years that there is time for you to be YOU, I don't think I have truly believed it.

I mean, it seemed almost that with every new kid that I've had, that I have had to find myself again. With each time of finding myself, it has been easier in some ways and harder in others. But with me having Nunu just a few weeks ago, I think I've become the most clear after birth.

There is no separation between the Adrianne "I know" or used to know and the one who four little ones call Mommy. I don't have to schedule my day in sections where I'm a mommy and times that I'm a business woman. The Adrianne that hangs with her friends and is loud and goofy is the same Adrianne who hangs with her children at museums, in the backyard or during a spur of the moment dance party in the living room. The same Adrianne who is determined to teach her children how to speak Chinese and Spanish is the same Adrianne who is determined to become debt free by age 34. She is one and the same.

So throughout the day when I am "interrupted" by one of my bundles while on a business call, or while I'm writing a blog post (which has happened maybe 30 times right now) it's not something to be discouraged about. It's not a reason for me to feel that Adrianne who is Adrianne and Adrianne who is a mommy must be separate to be successful. It's more of a reason to merge the two so that they are both tended to and I thrive!

How can I merge the two?

Go with the flow. Stick to the plan. Get things done. Let things go.

Not shut down or get discouraged but do things according to what is best for my kids AND me.

Let the laundry wait until tomorrow to record a video. Stick to my laundry schedule to avoid the stress of seeing our dirty or clean clothes piled high. Order a pizza to give myself a break of cooking. Go out with a friend or two to r e l a x.

Because the more I understand how to take care of me in totality, the better me I can be.

A better me brings more happiness and fulfillment to myself and all those around me.

Do you separate yourself as a mommy and who you are as an individual? How does it make you feel? Share with me in the comments!

Until next time,


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