3 Reasons To Have a Home Birth

Home birth was a life changing experience for me. I’ve always had “no meds” births, but this one was special in its own way. Here are 3 reasons why I recommend everyone to at least consider having a home birth. 1. Top Prenatal Care

This point is for all of my people wondering if having a midwife is “safe” when child birth is so dangerous. Not only is having a midwife safe, it is a misconception that childbirth is automatically dangerous. *Pregnancy can be complicated for some, it is best to make the best decision for your health and your unborn baby’s health as to how you birth your new little one.* Most believe that childbirth is almost a death sentence. Pre-prenatal care, eclampsia was a death sentence for many moms in the past. It’s super amazing that we have the technological advancements that have helped so many moms and babies live! Now that we have prenatal care we are able to treat eclampsia before it is fatal, during birth. Even in having a home birth, you are checked regularly for preeclampsia and any other issue that might affect you or the baby’s health. My midwife, Bethany Stricker with Bethany Sticker Midwifery and Abide Women, even checked me for things i was never checked for. She not only told me what to get but gave, yes gave, me natural teas and vitamins to use and THEN checked in to make sure I was taking them. During labor the and I were monitored by not only her but two wonderful birth assistants who were nothing short of diligent and professional. After I birthed Audrey, it wasn’t Stetson or my mother in love who had to clean, it was my MIDWIFE and her wonderful team. They were incredible, cleaning while I and Audrey were relaxing in our herbal bath. Imagine women around you in your house, like in past times, cleaning your sheets, wiping the counters, washing out your trash can that you threw up in multiple times and more. My heart was so full of relief and joy. I was able to enjoy my family and my newborn baby and not worry about how that would all be done. 2. Convenience and Comfort The great thing about having a home birth is that you’re at HOME. It’s an amazing-ness that you never know how great it is until you have your baby and you’re just...chilling. No bag to pack. No rushing to the car, trying to figure out if it’s even time to go yet or if you’ve waited too late. No contractions on a bumpy road in the car on the way to the hospital or birth center. (Which is THE WORST). After you have the baby, no car rides, no walking, you just get to chill and sleep (or more so lay and stare) with your new bundle of joy. H E A V E N 3. Family Bonding Home birth typically means that you want your children (or anyone else) to experience this with you and your significant other in an uninhibited way. Free of unecessary rules and regulations. Free to experience the beauty of life with you. I personally wanted my kids to experience the birth with me and my husband Stetson. They were asleep when I birthed baby Nunu (our nickname for Audrey) but they were able to see us in our herbal bath with all the hustle and bustle around. To them birth is so normal that it CAN be at home and I was/am so happy to give them that. It wouldn’t have been possible without my midwife and husband supporting me the entire way. This is something ANY WOMAN can do. I repeat. This is something ANY WOMAN can do. You are stronger than you think...you were made for this beautiful experience. I am so happy because more of my friends have had natural births since I had my first born in 2014. We’re all becoming more aware of the options we have and it is a beautiful thang. Until next time, Adrianne P.S. If you are in the DFW area and you are interested in having a great midwife contact mine! Instagram @bethanystricker Facebook @bethanystrickermidwifery



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