3 Keys to the Perfect Lap Dance

Every time I sing "Let me sit this ahhhhh..." 'Rocket' by Beyonce I think, "Omg this is the PERFECT lap dance song. Ima do a lap dance this weekend and im gonna do it to THIS song."

But do I? Nope because great ideas need plans and formulas and such and this post here is the formula for your perfect lap dance. :)

Step 1:

Look Sexy AF

It is imperative to bring your "A game" when preparing for a lap dance. This said "A game" is not for your partner but for YOU. I am all about confidence being the foundation for sexiness and it applies so much when planning the perfect lap dance. When you look your best, you feel your best. Putting on some sexy lingerie, high heels, your favorite perfume, makeup, anything that brings you all the confidence will create the atmosphere that every lap dance needs. Pour on the confidence and let your sexy speak for itself!

Step 2:

A Playlist of Jams That Gets You Hot

Recently in our Peacock Mama group on Fridays, we had a talk about all of our favorite sexy songs. It was so much fun! They were songs that we all felt, "this is my jam and this sings lovemaking like NO OTHER!". You know those jams? Yep, those are the jams that I want you to put on a playlist from your streaming service or Youtube and




There's nothing like shaking your bootie to your favorite songs. Whether you shake slow or fast. The fire that it produces is contingent upon you and what you like or better yet love. Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, a little Anita? Whatever brings the heat will bring the heat to your lap dance.

Pro Tip: Put the music in your ear buds, they don't have to hear what you hear to see you in all of your lap dance glory :)

3. Work Your Fave Move and Hit It Right

So the most daunting part of a lap dance seems to be..."Oh no but what will I do next?" Do y'all feel me?! I say stick to what you know. You like to bend over and twerk. Twerk that bootie everywhere. In front, in the back, on the couch, on the floor. Just keep doing what YOU love. What YOU feel comfortable with. Your partner will love EVERY bit of it. Because this dance was especially for them. You planned everything with them in mind and that was the sexiest part. So work your move, strut your confidence and allow your favorite move to hit that lap dance just right.

So are you ready to plan? Are you ready to experience the best lap dance you've ever given? I'm so excited for you! Send me an email and let me know how it went!

Until next time!


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