All About Anal Play: Information to Stay Healthy and Happy

I believe it is super important to know the facts about sex to stay healthy and happy (super happy). We tend to not have a good understanding of our bodies and sex. This lack of knowledge and being shamed for just wanting to KNOW, is what leads to us having negative feelings towards sex and even negative feelings towards ourselves and our own bodies.

This post is all about what I have learned through my research that I wanted to share with you!

I am going to break it down into three categories that will help us understand easily and effectively.

1. Keep it Clean

It is important to keep it clean because it is very easy to NOT keep it clean participating in anal play. Since it is also an "exit" way for waste that our body has deemed not great for our body, we wouldn't want to have that to return back to our body. We especially wouldn't want remnants of that waste to return through, as sensitive of an organ as the vagina. The body regularly cleans the vagina naturally, but we have to do our part in keeping foreign things that might throw off the ph balance of our vaginas. Having an unbalanced environment in your vagina is a direct way to cause infection. So clean before (your hands, toys, penis, and anus) engaging in anal play. Make sure to keep it clean during sex (no re-entering your vagina after being in your anus). Finally, keep it clean after sex, take a shower before you relax.

2. Force and Lubrication is Key

When first trying anal sex make sure that every step is gentle. Since it is a small opening and not used to play, you can easily feel pain. But sex SHOULD NOT be uncomfortably painful. It is important for us to remember this so that we know when things are not going as they should for the enjoyment of all who are participating.

Things to consider to make sure that pain is minimal, is the force of entering the anus and the lubrication that is used to do so.

Be gentle.

Lube it up.

3. What Causes Pleasure?

What I found very interesting in researching about anal play is what actually causes pleasure for the woman and the man.

Through anal entry, the man enjoys pleasurable sensations through the prostate or the "P spot". The woman enjoys pleasure through the pressure on the bottom of the vagina through the anus, which is the "A spot".

The "P spot" is extremely pleasurable for the man and the "A spot" creates an intense sensation for the woman along with extreme wetness.

I thought this was super cool but I like trivia knowledge ;) #gemini

Anal play is not for everyone and that is OK! It is important to be informed for those that are interested or want to know more. Sex is not an action that should result in guilt or shame but one of power and love.

Until next time!


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