Brown Skin Girl: What This Song Means To Me

As a Brown Skin Girl, it is super fun to be able to have a song that's singing about you. Because as women, we like to be seen. Our genetic makeup MUST include that of a strong desire to be seen by everyone around

When we enter a room...

When we go to a new school...

Join a new church..

Start a new job...

Although we wouldn't generally want to admit it, there's just something about being seen that makes us feel validated in this crowded world.

So to have a song specifically created for the black girl/woman...this alone was definitely a reason for me to blast this song in my car, while singing to the top of my lungs with my four year old daughter.

But really there's so much more to this song..

It can seem, from the perspective of others, that black people are seen to always want to have our "own thing", desire to be excluded from the "group", or stand apart from others so that we can shine.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

We simply make our own, so that we can create avenues where we are celebrated for our accomplishments.

Uplifting and encouraging one another.

It might not seem as important if eyes are always on you, but what if they weren't and your world was bombarded by images of beauty that look NOTHING like you.

TV Shows




Social Media

the list can go on...