Date Night At "Better Than Sex" Dessert Restaurant

I am writing this blog post a day after WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion debuted so this is the PERFECT day to write it! Lol

"Better Than Sex" dessert restaurant was such a great experience! The aesthetic of the atmosphere was sensual and sexy. The food was delicious. The drinks were yummy yet intoxicatingly satisfying!

We went before dinner, so we were ready to enjoy our desserts and drinks!

I made sure to wear a sexy dress, one that I sewed JUST to bring out the mama sexiness.

When we got there pictures were immediately necessary lol and then we were able to go in for our reservation at 7:30.

As we walked in, the hostess greeted us and led us to our seats immediately. It was dimly lit with erotic framed portraits on the wall. Tables were secluded with curtains to add to the couple’s privacy. It was everything.

Our server came not long after, with a super bubbly yet chill personality, and explained the menu to us. She shared her favorite drink and her favorite dessert.

The pictures definitely set the scene but the menu was the place of adventure. The names of the desserts and drinks were all tantalizing, such as “Blueberry Birthday Suit” and “Tongue Bath Truffle”. The descriptions were just as fun and I had fun reading them to Stetson. ;)

So we ordered a drink and a dessert each and waited for our deliciousness to arrive while enjoying some convo (about the kids lol) and a few other things.

I ordered a lemon head (my favorite candy), sweet tea bourbon drink and Stetson ordered a chocolatey-coffee one.

When our desserts arrived, the chef brought them and explained each! I had blueberry French toast dipped in a strawberry compote and Stet a chocolate chip, pecan cookie with ice cream. BOTH were amazingly scrumptious.

We shared a bit but mostly enjoyed what we individually ordered and just had fun savoring the sweetness and the atmosphere.

It was a sexy experience for our first date since having baby Mickey and it was immensely enjoyable.

It set us up for a great night at home. (If you know what I mean ;))

I totally recommend this spot! Five stars and the perfect set up for a mama of a lotta kids who might be tired, forget her sexy, and all the things around that light her fire!

Until next time

Keep it sexy mama


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