Finding Your Power...Finding Your Purpose

In the past couple of years I have been traveling on a pathway of self-discovery, to say the least. My days have been filled with normal, everyday occurrences...the kids, the husband, my work and fulfilling my dreams. Alongside that has come the discovery and rediscovery of who I am, what I believe and who I am destined to be....what I am destined to I am destined to grow.

The beauty of this all is that I have TRANSFORMED. Mostly on the inside, but there has been a steady change of beams of light that peek from the outside also. It's amazing to be in this state but it can also be lonely. At times you feel as if the bottom has dropped out of your reality but as time goes on you see that what you once believed, what you knew is the exact same of what you believed before but now everything is just DEEPER, CLEARER, FREEING.

So for our selfie mama, the part of us Peacock Mamas that nurtures our outer beauty AND inner beauty, I share a part of where my soul has evolved and grown. Ready? Let's go...

God and you

So when it comes to God we can either be unconditionally afraid of Him or unconditionally love Him. Afraid meaning that we are so fearful of everything we say or do will displease Him. We can be so afraid that it colors and covers our every move. This is not usually a place where we are excited and happy to be so then we tend to hide, run away and not want to "face" God. Sound familiar? This is the classic story of Adam and Eve's issue when they ate from the fruit in the Garden of Eden, we do not tend to change, but just humanly repeat the same cycles as before until we rise out of our zombie state and wake up.

We have this unconditional fear or we have this unconditional love for God. That love feels free. We understand the essence of Him, even though we may not understand Him completely, but we know that this understanding is coming. We do not feel sadness and we are not hiding from Him. We face him and we live in His truth. We walk as Jesus truly walked. We walk knowing that our every action and thought does not have to be "perfect" in the sense of the world's view (this includes our religious ways of seeing perfection also), but we walk in the way of knowing that every step that we take is a step towards our closer walk with God. This knowing and unconditional love of all that God is, is a space of an unexplainable freedom. It is where I am and if you are not there it is where I want YOU to be also.

The devil and you

Who is the devil you say? How does the devil have anything to do with me?

To stay in this realm of unconditional fear, because it is an easy place to be, we have to create a story that takes away our responsibility and our power. It is easier to "run" from God and not take responsibility for our own souls. In running, I am not saying not acknowledging God, but more so not seeing things simply for what they are. When Adam and Eve hid from God, they hid from themselves. They hid from the truth of the situation. They hid from the fact that THEY were the cause of their "fall". In this mythological story, Adam and Eve are representations of us when we forget who we are, when we lose our connection with God, when we take the blame from ourselves and we place it on others, we also take away our power. We take away the power that got us in the situation, so then we take away the power to get ourselves out of the situation. Is the devil powerful? Well in a sense yes, because we give this devil power. We give it thoughts, we give it actions, we take the power from our true essence of our connection to God and give it to this malefic energy which cheats us out of our lives. It was not only that tricky, voice of logic that was cursed to "living on it's belly" but it was also us! We slither around our lives as if anything can crush our heads at any moment. Reflect on your thoughts, your actions, are you slithering through life? Or are you flying above, belly full of fire blazing through life and creating your own path? In everything there should be balance but I'm pretty sure and clear that we have creeping through life down. Don't you think? We are scared to speak, to act, to do anything because the parts of us that want to roar and burn things down will be seen as evil so those parts of us stay in secret, in hiding, just as the snake afraid that our heads will be cut off. Our quietness instead should be in consideration of the differences of others, loving them unconditionally, listening to God's voice within so that we know the perfect time to release our dragon. Think of the dragon and the snake being as one. The dragon being the head and the snake being the tail. There is beauty in all that God creates, but we must remember the balance in the two. When we go more towards our dragons, with no consideration for the balance outside of ourselves, or go more towards our snakes, with no consideration for the balance inside of ourselves, we lose.

So since I've listened, stayed so close to God that there is nothing in which I am disconnected any longer. My dragon is released.

My risque pictures, posts, ideas, actions, are what fuel my "dragon"...the timing of these things is my "snake" not in an evil way but in a way of balance in love. In this balance I find my purpose and my power.

May that unconditional love for God fuel you in all you do. If that unconditional fear of God still lives in you, ask God to begin you on the path to be delivered from this negative, and overly "snake" like way of living your life. Your dragon needs its place in your life too. In that balance is where God lives and I believe that is where we all want to dwell.

Until next time,


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