Food and Sex: Why It's The Key To A Great Sex Life

I knew that food is super important to enhance the sweetness of the secretions of the vagina and the penis but I had no idea that food enhances so many other parts of the sexual experience. Food has a big part in the beginning, middle and end of sex. In my research, I found that food helps with the three components of great sex! These foods are mostly fruits and veggies which adds to the connection of "you are what you eat". Eat good food...have good sex ;) Periodt.

1. Libido

If you are struggling with wanting to have sex at all, there are foods that can help your desire in wanting to "get it on". It's important to eat light. If you want to have an all-nighter, then it is important to not eat a double cheeseburger and fries. What would be best, is a light meat such as a fish or chicken. You could also go meatless and load up on veggies, beans and grains such as quinoa.

Peanuts as a protein are great in increasing your libido and also spicy foods such as salsa and red peppers. The flush feeling that you get when you eat something spicy also helps with getting you revved up to go for a steamy and hot sexy night.

2. Blood Flow

Blood flow is good to help erections and wetness of the vagina during sex. Watermelon is a super food when it comes to sex. It is very good in producing blood flow in the body. It is an awesome light dessert that helps aid in libido also! We all know that watermelon is a refreshing treat but to know that it refreshes and revives you for a sexy night is priceless.

3. Orgasm

Red grapes are very good in enhancing the hormones, testosterone and estrogen. Enhancing these hormones increases the moistness of the vagina and also helps in the stamina of the male. Red grapes are often seen as a fruit eaten in ancient times in rooms full of those participating in sexual acts. It is a fruit that has been used for centuries to aid in the performance of sexual pleasure.

Bananas are also amazing in increasing the stamina of those participating in sex which leads to a great end as orgasms occur.

Food is not only good on the body, it is even better in the body, to produce a mind-blowing sexy time with you and your partner. This is proof that God created sex and it is good! ;)

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