Grocery shopping and faux leather leggings

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So the key to confidence lies in the way you present yourself to the world. When we become moms the way we present ourselves goes to the back burner because we are so busy taking care of our beautiful babies. So how do we get that back? How do we take care of the kids AND take care of our appearance?

Well instead of having the time to spend hours in front of the mirror or creating a mess, right along with the kiddos, taking out our entire wardrobe to put together an outfit, we have about 5-10 minutes to get ready. Most of the time, before I figured out how to get back to my "fly-ness", I would just forget looking cute, throw on some sweats and a hoodie and do what I had to do.

The problem with this is that the importance to look good at all times did not go away when I became a mother. I just learned to bury that desire because honestly I just had too much to do to be worried! But it still mattered! We all need to put our best foot forward at all times, yes including us Peacock Mamas a.k.a moms with a whole lotta kids. Because just that one foot can lead to a much better day if it's a confident one!

Staple Piece

The biggest thing is to have a piece in your wardrobe that you love. It is ok to have a piece in your closet that it is your go to. Whether it be a chunky necklace, a flashy waist belt or a sexy pair of faux leather leggings! You can wear it as much as you like and I believe with each wear you infuse more confidence and joy.

I was watching this Youtube video where the YouTuber walked around NYC and found people who were confidently rocking their styles. There was this one dude who wore a fedora with everything! It was super fly and such a statement that oozed confidence!

What is something that you would wear in which you are most confident? A sleek black blazer? Gold hoop earrings?

Get you a staple piece like these faux leather leggings and rock it mama!

A bit of makeup

Adding just a little bit of makeup can change your entire mood! It doesn't have to be much.

Fill in your brows lightly and brush them to blend the pencil in with your hairs.

Throw on some mascara.

Use a tinted moisturizer on your face

Add a gloss to your lips.

That's it. To further reiterate the simplicity of this action to aid in "mom of a whole lotta kids" confidence I'm going to end this here :)

For those "mom of a whole lotta kids" in the back BRUSH YOUR HAIR

I'm saying this because I was the QUEEN of the hand smooth action when I want to run somewhere fast. I have to sometimes STILL, force myself to take one minute to use an actual brush on my hair! lol

Why? Because I had gotten used to my appearance not being important and that included my hair.

If you do this regularly, it becomes easy to do and fast! When you leave your home, you are ready to go and you are feeling yourself and that's the way its supposed to be.


You are supposed to feel and look confident, however that looks for you.

So mama go get those faux leather leggings and be the confident you the you TRULY want to be.

Until next time


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