Healthy is Wealthy: New Journey to A Bomb Azz Me

So recently a shift occurred in me and I realized that I was making so many excuses for my health. I mean So. Many. Excuses.

  1. I’ve had five kids, I look good without even giving a real effort.

  2. I hate working out because it’s BORING

  3. I’m OVER cooking. (I need a personal chef!)

  4. I don’t feel lIke cutting and chopping all those dang vegetables

The list goes on y’all.

The idea of being healthy just seemed super extra to me because I mean we get veggies in, we don’t eat meat, etc. So why try harder?

BMI is bs...right?

Life is meant to be enjoyed as much as possible and food definitely falls in this category...right?

Have I been making hella excuses to simply not give effort? Because ya‘ll effort is just uncomfortable as hell sometimes.

I had to admit that I was not wanting to give the effort because I felt like I was giving it in so many other areas. I felt that I would add to my load and cause anxiety to focus on more whole foods, exercise and water. I felt that my desire to do all of the things while changing the world (Like Pinky and the Brain) would obviously be impossible if I focused on my health too.


One night Stetson (my husband) and I were discussing health and he brought up that a lot of us feel BMI doesn’t apply to black women. Whether that is completely true or completely false, should we just ignore it altogether? Or could we possibly use BMI and other health standards as a guide to help us stay at a healthy weight? For example if your BMI healthy weight was 100 and you were 150, maybe getting 20 lbs or so within the range would produce better results than disregarding it altogether. This would most likely directly affect our lifestyle choices aka lead to an overall healthier life. (Life is all about balance!)

When I started to consider this as a possibility, my mind began to change. I realized that I had disregarded health guidelines and was simply surviving in this area of my life instead of thriving!

I looked up my BMI, calculated my target weight, created my plan and have been going full speed ahead for about two weeks now!

Not only do I still have time to pursue all of my ventures, I have ENERGY. It’s not only given me more discipline in my health, but in EVERYTHING. The greatest part is, I’m just two weeks in! I cannot wait until to see how I’ve progressed by next month!

My ”Bomb Azz Me” Plan

  1. Eat as many whole foods as possible

  2. Sugary sweets (candy, cakes, pies, slushees, etc.) on Saturdays only

  3. Vegan only

  4. Drink 70 oz of water a day

I‘ve decided in the last few days to add at minimum a 10 min intense ab workout every day. (“Chloe Ting“on YouTube) I’m adding many juices, smoothies and teas (Rita’s Tips” on YouTube) that cleanse your system and add to your overall health.

I’m super pumped and ready! Anyone want to join me? I will be creating a plan that will be available next month so that we can alll be healthy. Especially during this pandemic time!

Check out a few of my meals that I have eaten during these last two weeks!

Birria inspired Vegan Tacos

Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Vegan Fajita Lettuce Wraps

Vegan Fish and Vegan Tartar Sauce w/Waffle Fries

Cleansing and Alkaline Green Smoothie

Until next time! Wishing you all the health and wealth.

Adrianne, aka healthy, sexy mama

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