How To Beat Anxiety To Unlock The Power Within You

Whew! Anxiety. I feel like it is such a constant emotion that we all feel and is slowly coming forward to the consciousness of us all. The frustration of it all is, "How can I shake this feeling? I know that it is contributing to such a sadness within but I just can't stop the flow of negative thoughts." I have been here! I have been so very here that it lead to depression and I was pretty sure that my life, as it was, didn't matter and I my family would be better off if I wasn't alive. Have you ever felt that way? Or maybe you are in a constant state of never feeling like you are enough, doing enough, being enough. You know the cloud in movies that seems to only follow one person? Everyone else around them is enjoying a nice sunny day, laughing and experiencing happiness while he or she could just never get out of the rain. Life can feel that way and I want to give you a few ways in this blog post to get clear up the cloud and see the sun shining in your life again.

First, the feeling that everyone is happy and doing life seamlessly but you is just false. We could easily all be walking around with our personal cloud, blocking us from seeing the beauty and sunshiny life that we seek. I believe that the fact that we realize our anxiety is real and present is the first step in knowing that we have a life just waiting for us that we were born, created to have.

You were made for not just more. You were made for EVERYTHING. There is nothing that your heart desires that can not be yours. That is FACTS. The fact that you might doubt even while reading this is one of the reasons that anxiety is so present in all of our lives.

1. Breathe.

When you feel anxiety rising, breathe, touch your chest and feel your heartbeat, take a walk, listen to the birds, water your plants. The key is to remember that you are actually a live being! You are one with all things around you. You are not just a ball of negative thoughts! When you're having anxious thoughts, it seems that they summarize your entire life, but this is an illusion. You are way more than this enemy who you've allowed to make a home in your mind. You are ALIVE.

I was reminded by the great Sadhguru of this recently. He explained that when you are a live being, you remember that you are separate from these random thoughts that are swirling in your head. You become intentional of who you are and protecting your space from negativity, bringing life to your being where there was once death.

2. Your Thoughts Are Not You

Do you choose to think these negative thoughts? Are they coming from your being or are you simply accustomed to knocking yourself out mentally over and over again? You can be your worst enemy. It is actually ridiculous that we choose to kill ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Yes, choose! I cannot sugar coat this because it is when we realize the root, that it is revealed what we need to do to rise. We are totally in control of ourselves we just have to remember who we are! You have to remember that you are amazing! That you are powerful! That you are strong! You have to remember the source of your strength and in that source the power is limitless.

3. Remember Your Power

You have the power to move mountains. Simple.

Move freakin mountains.

It is only when you truly believe this fact that it will be. There is no one who does not believe, that energy does not die. If there was ever an energy of greatness that exists in this world then it can find residence in you.

In fact, it is already in you. You just have to remember who you are. Mufasa taught all of us when he spoke this to Simba. Do not get so distracted by the things of life that there is no balance in your spirit, which creates a domino effect that will ultimately affect the thoughts of your mind.

4. Guide Your Thoughts.

Get a journal and a pen and write down what brings you gratitude. Gratefulness helps to relieve the pressure of negative thoughts because you have now guided your thoughts to those things that bring you joy. You are in control and you always have been. Guide yourself towards those things that are amazing and not those things that are bringing death upon the life that is God-given.

I want you to start this new year in an amazing mental place. In a place that you are consciously driving towards freedom, instead of taking yourself to a dungeon of despair. What helped you the most in this post and what can you start to implement today?

Until next week!


P.S. My journal, "Renew Your Mind" will be available Jan 1, 2021! I cannot wait to share this new piece with you mamas. I hope it blesses you tremendously and we relieve ourselves from this clouds that follow us so that we can see the sun again.

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