How To: Create A Vision Board That Manifests

2020. Has been a year of eye-opening and illuminating circumstances. This year has also been such a devastating year for some and yet the best year ever for others. Where do you fall on this spectrum? Do you feel as if this year placed you in the back seat of your own car and took the wheel? But is this not always the case for most of us? Do we truly take the driver's seat in our own lives or do we allow the forces around us to take us on joy rides in our own lives? 2020 was definitely not the year for us to not actively guide our destines but if anything 2020 "learned" us didn't she?

This is why creating a vision board was so important to me this year. Creating vision boards was never really my cup of tea. It seemed as if we spent all this time mindlessly coming up with things we want, cutting the pictures out of magazines that represent these mindless wants or needs, mindlessly glue and construct this vision board and then mindlessly place this vision board in an obscure place that would never see the light of day again. (Do y'all see the focus I have on the mindless-ness of it all?)

When I realized that the step we were missing was to truly meditate and consult in peace and solitude so our visions would be revealed. THEN placing it in a place where we can always see it and be reminded of the visions we were given, I realized the true magic in it all. Because that is done with purpose and purpose will ALWAYS produce tangible and intangible results.

So as I walk you through the steps of what you need to create a vision board that actually manifests think and meditate on what your heart desires, ok? Ok :)

1. Get Vision

How do you do this you say? You meditate. You pray. You get quiet, like real quiet and then you listen. You listen to what it is that you need to do to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. Someone, I can't remember who, said count how many summers you may have left in this life. So right now as I am writing this post, I am 32. So I might have about 50 summers left. 50. That is a crazy, ridiculously small number. 50 summers to have fun and enjoy my life. 50 summers to help others have fun and enjoy their lives. Not enjoy in a superficial way, but in a deep, whole way. Just maybe 50. So the time is now for you to get vision and take it SERIOUSLY. What is YOUR vision?

2. Write Down The Vision

After or as you receive the vision, get your notebook and favorite pen and write it down sis! I think it's best to write it down before you go searching for images so you won't be swayed by random things that you see. What is for you is for you! But on the flip side, what isn't for you IS NOT for you. Do not let others' vision crowd and complex the vision that was spoken to you. As you write it down, in a way it infuses it in your psyche. You own these words so therefore that is one more way that ensures that they WILL manifest.

3. Gather Your Images and Create

It is so very important to gather images that represent your vision. There's peace and joy in this! Have you ever felt that from creating vision boards in the past? There is a sense of optimism and opportunity all around you and it is heaven sent! You do not have to use magazines. You could find the images on Google and print them at home or even at your local library. You could also print them at a local office goods supplier. Plan ahead to make your vision board even more wonderful and beautiful! I recommend framing your vision board so that it can be hung more visually pleasing to you in a place that you frequent in your home. I purchased my frame from Amazon here. It is a white frame that added to the decor of my home. You can get yours here if you would like to do the same!

4. Hang, Enjoy, Get to Manifesting

When I completed my vision board, hung it, it brought joy to me. I already knew that it was done. This destiny that was given to me has already come to pass in the future and my present self cannot wait to experience it. Life is always what you make it. You might have a life that some may want, or you may have a life that some may run from in fear of experiencing such horror lol. So in reality life is all about perspective! Create a vision board that keeps your perspective pointed towards your purposed life. Think you don't have a purpose? Even if your mind or even heart doesn't believe it, your soul knows. Keep meditating and praying until it comes, because it will come. Here's a tip...What is it that brings you joy when you experience it? Start there.

Check out my video on how I created a vision board and what I placed on my vision board for 2021. I hope it inspires you to go for it. You are limitless.

Until next week!

Adrianne, Head Peacock Mama

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