How To Maintain That #WAP

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

#WAP might be the hottest topic right now. We are all talking about, being entertained by, even debating the topic of #WAP but how do we maintain the #WAP?

First, what hormone effects the lubrication of the vagina? Estrogen! The hormone that is usually labeled the "female" hormone. It is what triggers the wetness of the vagina and if it is low or off balance, then it can and probably will result in less natural lubrication forming.

There are a few reasons that this can happen:

  1. Recently had a baby, or breastfeeding

  2. Chemotherapy

  3. Low arousal

  4. Menopause

  5. Medication

These reasons are usually out of our control but fortunately there are natural ways to help aid in making sure we keep that #WAP!

Ways to Keep That #WAP


Ya'll I say it all the time that water is the key to beauty! All the things come from drinking ALL the water.

Hydrated and clear skin

Shiny hair

Clear urine

Now let's add a healthy, lubricated vagina to the list! If you are hydrating your body, then your vagina will stay hydrated at all times! The first step is water, water, water!

2. Eating healthy

Eating healthy not only contributes to a hydrated vagina, but also to a "sweet" vagina. Pineapples are key! They aid in your natural sweetness like no other. (If you don't believe me, just try it!)

Eating healthy foods aligns your body's natural functions, which would include vaginal wetness. It is NORMAL for your vagina to be lubricated, it is not a super power that only some women have, it is a super power that we ALL have. Eating healthy feeds this power.

3. Foreplay

Our arousal comes from our mind. Although there are definitely cases where your body is not producing the hormones that produce arousal, there are ways that you can natural trigger your body to release oxytocin a.k.a. the love hormone.

a. Set the mood and plan for a sexy date night! Refer to my blog post on how to achieve a sexy date night!

b. Sext. Build up to your hot time by sexting before you get together!

c. Take your time and lead up to it all. It's all about taking your time and being in the moment. Enjoying yourself is the most important part.

If your mind is excited, then your #WAP will soon follow.

4. Keep your vagina clean.

Your vagina is a naturally cleaning organ. We do not need extra cleaning "out" of our vagina. It should not smell like flowers. Your vagina should smell like a sweet...vagina. We do not want penises to smell like chocolate so there should be no expectation for your vagina to smell like a peach. This is an unfair and sexist approach to the state of our vaginas and in no way is needed to be the standard.

Also make sure that you are not cross-contaminating. When you are engaging in sex, it is best to make sure that all things or members are clean that enter you. This is what helps your vagina to stay ph-balanced which helps with avoiding infections.

5. Treat it as a sensitive organ

Extra pressure or activity that is harsh or is extra hurtful to your vagina can affect your natural lubrication. It is always best to take care of your vagina in a way that is pleasurable for you at all times to maintain your balance.

So all things #WAP are not only entertaining and informative, but are also powerful. When we understand who we are and how we work well, we have a confidence that is unstoppable.

Until next time!



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