How To: Self Care With Multiple Kids

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I have found that when you have children, especially a few, you tend to lose your sense of self-care. There are so many reasons why you CANNOT get it done. There is so much to get done around the house. There are so many people that need you. There are so many excuses why it just doesn't matter anymore. Right? Girl no!

All of the reasons why it doesn't matter are the very reasons why your self-care MATTERS. So guess what mama? Let's take care of ourselves together. If it becomes the norm instead of the exception it will help us all to love ourselves more!

Here are a few tips on how I've learned to pamper myself

1. Do What Makes You Happy.

If it is painting your nails, going for a walk by the lake, doing your hair or getting it professionally done, do what you like! That could be anything that brings you joy.

Don't skimp on it. Don't try something new that you think will give you peace. Do what you KNOW. What you used to do before having all the kids. Do what sends you back while being the one thing that will push you forward, blissfully. Do that thing.

2. Modify That Thing.

Sometimes you have to change up the thing that brings you happiness, peace, and joy. Sometimes you have to make it a bit more simple, or do it when the kids are sleep, or when they are at grandma's house. For example, I decided to take care of my nails again! When I was younger I did not play about my nails. I had to have them done weekly and they were always decorated with different designs, rainbows, m&m's, baseballs, the list goes on. But when I became a mama I couldn't seem to find the time. So I just stopped. I realized lately that I did have the time I just had to do things a bit differently to get it in. Instead of throwing it all away, I decided to use a quality nail polish which wouldn't chip as easily and choose a simple design if any at all. It has made me super confident and has boosted my mood. It only took a bit of tweaking to figure out how I could still pamper myself. That tweaking was priceless.

3. Make it a Priority

You know that to-do list that you have in your head or the one you write down faithfully (it depends on what energy you're flowing in ;))? Your self-care needs to be added to that list! It is just as important as what you're having for dinner, what the kids need, and the dirty dishes in the sink. That thing matters! Because you matter! Treat that wonderful time to yourself that you've been waiting for as a non-negotiable and it will make a world of a difference. For you and the kiddos.

I have realized that self-care is directly connected to my peace of mind. The self-care helps when days aren't so peaceful around my house, when I didn't get every thing done that I'd planned, when I felt like I could have made a couple more better choices in the mommy department. It is directly connected to the love that I carry for myself on a daily basis. That love for myself is where the love I have for my kids resides. The more I love myself, the more I will show the unconditional love that I have for them that lives in the deepest parts of me.

So self-care is beyond necessary, it is godly, it is divine.

Upgrade the energy and love in your home mama. You are the power.

Until next time,


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