How to Throw a Creative Bday Bash For The Kids During Corona


It has seemed to end all the fun we ever had before and will ever have in the unforeseen future...or will it?

When it comes to bdays, my family has FUN! I mean I do the most and party all day long. It does not matter if my kids are 1 or 101, I will be the mama that says "Happy Birthday my love! How are we turning up TUDAY?!"

Once upon a time, when the world was lovely and beautiful, AND FUN... every birthday was filled with local experiences. We run the town, try new desserts, splash in water parks, experience all the things as a whole big family.

I am known as the mama doing the most with a whole lotta kids for a reason. Because THIS is what I do. So to my dismay, or more so to spark my love for a challenge, I thought of more creative ideas to celebrate that were safe and secure from Corona. Let's get into them!

1. Search the Web

There are so many ideas on the web, Pinterest to be exact, that spark creativity and help you plan a bomb ahh bday for your kiddos. I scrolled and saw the cutest idea for a spa party for my baby girl who turned 5! I was able to invite her sister/friend/cousin (y'all know how our friends become family) and they had such a fun time being "grown".

Rose petals in soapy water.

Slushees in glass cups.

Silk robes.

It was so extra and fun. It was inexpensive and perfect!