I have the formula to make you a superhero


I think superheroes are THEE coolest, but don’t we all? We all secretly, young and old, want to be super human. But why? What is it about having extra powers that makes life appealing? It seems that with these powers come a greater responsibility, like umm saving the entire world from destruction, but everyone is still like, “Ummm yea I think I would want to be able to fly though”. What makes it’s so appealing? Well I have an idea. I think it all comes down to the feeling of being powerful. We all feel powerless, but why?

What about being an average human makes us feel like we cannot really do anything that we want? We all tend to complain about life happening to us and us not happening to life. The belief of this lack of power is pretty common and so we accept it and continue to live a powerless life until we die.

Even after the amazing and superhero process of carrying an entire human in our bodies, growing them, BIRTHING them and continuously taking of them for the rest of our lives, we still lack the belief that we can do ANYTHING.

We have all heard many times before that anything you put your mind to, you can achieve it.

You are stronger than you think

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

It is all like “blah blah blah” when we read it though right? Or when we hear someone “motivating“ us with one of these quotes. It’s like ok but HOW?? It only seems like “superhero-like” humans can do this. Like Beyoncé, Elon Musk, Maya Angelou, but us regular folks out here? Naw.

So let me give you a formula that has transformed my personal life and is now trickling into my public life, to achieve anything just like we’ve heard our entire lives. Because for those that need the 1+1 = 2? I’m your girl. :)

WRITE DOWN the plan

What is it that you want to achieve? A cleaner home? A calm and loving relationship? A booming career?

Write it down.

Like with an actual pen and paper, or if you MUST in your phone’s notes app.

When you write things down, for some reason that begin to take a life of their own and this is the BEGINNING of it all.

Just imagine when you are writing down what you want to accomplish that you will look back one day and remember this moment as being the beginning of you finally achieving EXACTLY what you have wanted to do.

You “lowkey“ feeling the magic yet?

Set A Schedule

When will you get this done? Write down the steps to accomplish it and then make a plan for when you will do so during the week. Or maybe start with the first step and then add as you have accomplished each one.

For example, if you want a cleaner home…maybe start with one part of your home and just start throwing stuff away. Or clean the toilets and the mirrors every Tuesday and Thursday so that everything does not get out of control and you have this huge, filled with anxiety mess to clean.

If you want a calming and loving relationship, who you are is exactly what you attract, so start counseling. Do creative things that you have always wanted to do but never made time to do to get to know YOU more. (You could also meet them in those places that you enjoy!) So now when are you going skating? Next Saturday? It’s a date. Make a schedule and don’t lie to yourself! Do it.

Make It a Habit

The biggest thing to accomplishing WHATEVER, is to force yourself to do it when you SAID you were.

This is what gets most of us to not making true change. Our brains get used to the lies, so it’s just like “Girl whatever we gone keep doing what we been doing cuz that’s what you really want” *insert eyeroll*

Am I telling the truth or am I telling the truth?

If you said you are going to the gym on Tuesdays, everything and I mean everything will happen on Tuesday, every Tuesday, for the rest of your life until you just start going to the gym, no matter what.

Then all of a sudden there will be nothing stopping you.

I mean nothing.

If you start creating those TikToks every day for your business, two months later it will be automatic and you will do so EFFORTLESSLY.

The ONLY thing that can deter you is YOU. I know you have heard this before but there is really no other way to say this because it is fact.

You were the only person in your way, you are the only person in your way and if you do not start now, you will always be the only person in your way.

So what life do you actually want? A life where you are feeling constantly powerless. Or one filled with power just like the superheroes that will all desire to be?

My family loves Marvel comics and I love to see how we are like them. I see that the creators of the movies were destined to encourage and uplift us. We are Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Wanda. We have more power than we could ever imagine to fly as high as we would like to go.

Now it is just time to put in that work, dedication and overhaul our mindsets.

Honestly and truly, you were created to be the BEST version of you.

So in the words of #growwithjo on Youtube (because she is one of the reasons I have been heroically crushing my fitness goals ;))

”Let’s do thissss”

Until next time,


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