How Astrology Changed My Spirituality and It Can Change Yours Too

Updated: Apr 19

The title… I knooooww

The two together can be shocking and dang near blasphemy but I tend to walk a fine line of controversy when I feel that it is necessary…so yea please hear me out!

The beginning

I was born and raised Christian but more so I was raised baptist. Although Christianity is all the same, there IS a difference between denominations if you are not familiar. It is almost as if they are different religions within Christianity. So in saying that being baptist is a BIG deal and astrology comes nowhere near it.

I BELIEVE in beliefs. If I believe something then I believe it whole heartedly and I have to apply to every part of my life. In saying that, when I see that I may not have a clear understanding of something then I have to TRULY research it and then reintroduce it into what I already know or believe. It is kind of like when we are in school and we learn a new math concept. We apply that concept to what we already know about math and enhance our understanding of it all. Since our personal relationships with God are logical and spiritual this process is a bit more complex than learning a new math equation. Not only did I apply logic, but I also applied the wisdom that we all get from God that guides us on a daily basis, if we so choose.

The opening

When I taught Chinese children English during their New Year time one year I was curious about this particular festival and time in China since they held it so dear. I started to research and see what it was all about. I saw that not only do they have their form of astrology that they use as a guide but also certain things enhance this experience. For example the use of crystals, essential oils, healthy eating, etc. I remember watching a list of what could be used to help them during that year and everything except for crystals was something that I used to enhance my own family‘s health in our daily life. This intrigued me because I was like “Ok so what is the difference between them using these things and me using them?” Is their intention evil because it is different? Or do I have some more research to do?

I realized, without going into all of the details, that there are different perspectives to everything. We all have different personalities, different cultures, different beliefs, different lives. From these differences can come forth different ways of expressing all things. Can I logically make the determination that something is wrong because I have been taught so? Or can I do so from a place of feeling of fear? Where was it coming from for me? At first I would not say that it was coming from fear because I had nothing to fear but when I truly dug deep I was afraid FOR them because ultimately I was afraid for myself. I was afraid that if I did not always make the “right“ decision then I would suffer. I would suffer whatever consequences where to come because of it. (This was MY conclusion, whatever your reasons are is something that you and everyone must do for themselves. This is kind of like therapy though, if you do not truly dig deep and be honest then that digging and “effort” was all for naught.)

Since I went through this ”opening” of my mind at a younger age, around 29, and I have a personality which is more open to the logical aspect of God then it was a bit easier for me to ”open up” and see what I had ultimately been afraid of seeing. Seeing people, their cultures and beliefs more clearly. Seeing what spirituality actually is. Seeing that ultimately we reject certain things that we don’t understand and accept those that we don’t.

That all leads me to my explanation of astrology.

Jesus and Astrology

As I began to research Chinese astrology it lead me to western astrology (Leo, Aries, Virgo, etc.) I started to understand that we were more than just one sign, we all embody all of them! Not only is this the case, the signs are not just fun aspects of a human personality, they are detailed and categorized aspects of God’s personality!

The unconditional love that Jesus displayed was all Pisces.

The fiery way he called the Pharisees out was all Aries.

The boundaries of life that he shared on how we can build an enhance our lives on. Earth in the parables was all Capricorn.

We can even go past Jesus and look into our daily lives.

The way we take care of our homes on a daily basis, wake up at the same time every morning, every routine is Virgo.

The way we celebrate every birthday and make it all about ourselves on that day is all Leo.

The way we dig deep and heal childhood wounds is all Scorpio.

So it’s not that astrology replaces Jesus, it‘s that it enhanced my understanding of every thing that Jesus taught, of everything that God is!


The way I see these two builds upon and never takes away. I am loyal to everything that I was taught in a place of understanding to the highest level. If there was no truth in it, then I would have to leave it in the past, but that is not the case and I would not be using wisdom if I didn’t weigh these things seriously. On the flip side, are there some things that I have had to leave in the past? Yep. Because I have to discard those things that are rooted in fear and not in love. Because God is ONLY love. Love is ONLY God. The two are not separate and the knowing of this has set my life down a more richer and fuller path. Not only my life, but my children’s lives also! My life is my legacy and my legacy lives in my children.

I know this might have been hard to read for some but thank you for taking a space and sitting down in the more controversial part of my world. :)

I love you and until next time,


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