Mom Who Boss Ft. Schermisia Jones

Schermisia and her daughter Ania

Before I jump into this interview with the FIRST Mom Who Boss mama, I want to explain what this blog series is allll about. The title basically explains the concept but I want to get into the WHY. When we become mamas, we turn on a switch which makes motherhood not our primary focus but our ONLY focus. What I have learned from being a mother of four and a stepmom to one is that, those little ones are not meant to stop the party, they actually give you the fuel to propel the party into a music FESTIVAL. (Can you envision that?) When you focus your energy on the positive and the "I can do it" thoughts, your brain changes from being a slave to your body, to your body being a slave to that wonderful, strong, (also baby brain) mind of a superhero... Because when you become a mama, you simply wear your cape on the inside instead of the outside. So on to my interview with our first supermama...

As I walked into Rsoul Royal Studios I was greeted by a beautiful mama and a cute handsome baby after a long day of work. Schermisia Jones, a mom of two, wife ;), has a production company that she shares ownership with her husband. They desire to help you produce any kind of visual that you can think of, commercials, films, and more! You can provide a blueprint, or nothing at all and they will work tirelessly to make your dreams manifest into reality. Sounds magical huh?

As we talked, I could see her excitement and passion as if it was an internal glow. I could see the desire to impact others' lives and make them just a little bit better pour off of her as she explained how important it was to her and hubby to make visions, reality. So let's get into this mom boss talk...

Tell us more about you...

Schermisia has been married for 6 years to her husband, Curshion. When they met they felt that God whispered to both of them that they were one another's mates for life. The Adam to her Eve and the Eve to his Adam. Their courtship was shorter than most because of this knowing and fast forward to present, they have 2 kids and a thriving business.

Schermisia, Curshion, Ania and baby Royal

This business is more than it seems, not only is it a place to get your project filmed, it is an event space, photography studio, music video site, a place to not only record your project but a place where you can get writers, cast, location, story board and more. Rsoul Royal Studios not only has a Dallas location but also a Denver one as well. (So there is no doubt why this mama is so busy!)

Rsoul Royal Studios is truly a one stop shop, that doesn't skimp on quality to make your vision come to life.

On set at Rsoul Royal Studios

What does your typical work day look like?

Schermisia: "No day looks the same and it all depends on the day. Some days start early and some days end late. I have now started to make rest a priority on the mornings after when I've kept the kids out late at the studio, those mornings, we sleep in."

Schermisia explained that Erin, who is invaluable to her, is her right hand wo-man :). She's always there to help with the babes and allows her to shine by showering her babies with love and care.

She also explained that her job includes scheduling, prepping for shoots, meetings, finalizing casting and more.

Product pictures for a new budding company

When I asked did she feel overwhelmed with it all, she explained that balance is not real. Every day will look different. As long as you keep going, you will get to where you are destined to be.

"Balance is not real..."

What motivates you to keep going even with the juggle of the littles and wife life?


She shared that since she knows it is her purpose then, there is just no other choice...the purpose fuels anything that she lacks, because this purpose is truly from God.

"I know this is what I should be doing. I know it will impact others."

What would you say to motivate current and aspiring mom bosses?

  1. Keep GOing

  2. Think outside the box.

  3. Meet the true need.

As I left Rsoul Royal, I felt inspired. The energy was not only energizing, it was contagious.

Have a visual dream that you are not sure how to bring to fruiton? Contact Schermisia via email @ or through Instagram @schermisiajones @rsoulroyalstudios. You can sit down with her or another team member as they help

you organize your dream and make plans to make them reality

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