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Since it is back to school time, I HAD to come back with a blog that highlighted this "Mom Who Boss". :) She is what every parent wants in a teacher for their child. Instead of keeping all this goodness, wisdom and experience to herself, she has made it her mission to aid all of the parents in the world and she is DOING it!

I look forward to seeing her regular posts on Facebook about how I can enhance the educational, emotional and mental space for my children at home. It is truly enlightening, helpful and overall practical to include on a daily basis.

Who is Shakita Perryman?

Shakita is the mother of two beautiful girls, 2 years old and 3 months,

and wife to Dwayne Perryman of 4 years. She has earned a masters in Educational Leadership. She also has many years and experience in teaching, from teaching in China to here in the states where she's taught grades from Kindergarten to 9th! (She is every woman!)

Her "right brain" way of learning helps her stay creative and keeps the "teaching box" open in how she teaches. Her love for all subjects shines through as she shares tips and tricks to parents from every walk of life.

What is Best Start?

Shakita's motto for Best Start LLC is "I am my child's best start." She believes that this should be the motto for all parents and she is making sure that she shares with so many to ensure the success of millions.

"I am my child's best start."

Best Start LLC is a twist on your typical tutoring programs in that it provides the parents with the tools that they need to help and guide their children to success. Although Shakita does offer one on one tutoring, she has since scaled back this part of her program because through data she has seen that the most effective way to improve or teach your child is by parent involvement. Since she saw that there was a deficit in the focus on improving this in the educational world, she decided to make it her mission to lead the way.

She wants to help the parents that say, 'I have no clue how to do this with my baby'. (Is that not something we have all said about our children at least once!) She shared with me that her goal is to support the parents as they support their children. It's such a simple, but world changing thought. If we all knew how to support our kids, how much would that improve the overall direction of all of our children, schools, school districts and ultimately the world.

"I support parents as they support their children."

What does your typical day look like with Best Start LLC?

She shared that at first she was trying to separate her work at home away from her Best Start work, but it seemed that she never had time to work Best Start. So instead she tried to incorporate it into her actual time with her two year old...and it worked! She was able to share what she was doing with her child, while explaining how to take the same activity to a higher educational level for older children.

Shakita also recommends different educational products and has them available for purchase on her website!

What motivates you to keep going?

"An inner fire that pokes me, to make me keep going."

Shakita said what motivates her is "an inner fire that pokes me, to make me keep going".

( I think it is amazing when you are not fueled by outside influences but actually your destiny pushing you from the inside out. This is the exact energy that Shakita has and with this, she will be unstoppable.)

Another thing that she shared was that she is motivated by God's purpose for her life. :)

What advice do you give a current or aspiring "Mom Who Boss"?

"Be Your Own Goals"

"I looked around and everyone is at different paces so I got discouraged. When I stayed in my own lane, that's when things started looking up for me."

"Don't Wait, Just Do"

I have a special love for this "Mom Who Boss" because not only was I a part of the teacher family a couple of years ago before I started staying at home, I also used to teach at the same school as Shakita. This is how I know she is a great teacher because I have seen it! Check her out on Facebook or Instagram! @beststartlearning

You will see the benefit in her wisdom and love for the teaching of children immediately. :)

Until next time!


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