Mom Who Boss w/ Sess Lee Cannon

I have been following this mama ever since I went to the B Polished Beauty Supply in the DFW area and was advised that Flourish, the best oil that I know of, she created and sold all by herself. I was like, "Whaaaa this is a mom boss I want to follow and support.". I am so excited to have her on this edition of "Mom Who Boss" because she inspires me to be the Adrianne I was made to be and I know that she will inspire you also.

About this Mom Boss

Sess is a mama of four, two boys and two girls. She does it all from taking the kids to all of their schools, to picking them up, cooking, spending time with them and putting them in the bed. She is a master stylist of natural hair. She is passionate about her system and her craft and ultimately wants to expand her salon so that she can teach many other stylists who not only love natural hair but also want to grow and teach other stylists how to make hair flourish.

She created an oil, Flourish, when her daughter was dealing with skin and hair issues. She was allergic to many things and Sess decided to create a blend of oils that her daughter could use but also a product that would make her hair super healthy. She shared it with her clients in passing, they wanted to purchase and then it grew from there! It has been 5 years since she sold her first container. It is now in 3 stores and also in salons, available for us all to benefit from.

What Is Sess's Typical Day Like?

She starts her day with journaling, meditation and prayer. She believes that self-care is a non-negotiable. " keeps me in a space that minimizes the feeling of losing my mind", (When I mean I agree, I AGREE. Mom boss life can be hard but when you focus on the importance of your self-care and all the joy that comes from it, its rewarding benefits are endless. I cannot even stress the importance of just a few minutes before you start your day to center, love and focus on yourself)

"Journaling, meditation and prayer keeps me in a space that minimizes the feeling of losing my mind"

Sess leaves the house at 6:30 a.m. to take her children to 3 different schools all by 7:45 a.m. ( "I am woman, hear me roar" right??). She then goes to work at her salon from 8:30 to 4:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to pick up her children, cook dinner, and head to church (on Wednesdays). Her daughter is a worship leader for the youth and Sess is youth volunteer.