My Birth Story: Audrey Lynn a.k.a. Nunu

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Having Audrey was such a weird and beautiful birth. I was able to truly connect with my human ancestors from the past because I'm pretty positive that the way that I birthed Nunu was basically just like how they did! I think that that is super cool because it is almost like a portal to past worlds. That if I experience the same thing, the same way, I can touch the spirit of my great-great grandmother as she was giving birth to my grandmother...Amazing. There is probably no other thing that I do that feels this magical so I cherish it greatly.

So onto the story yea?

I truly believed that Nunu would come early, even earlier than my middle two, because she was my fourth child. I mean it was pretty clear to me and I had no worries. I had started having contractions pretty early. The kind of contractions that are like the beginning of labor but not consistent. I started having them about a week and a half before my due date. So I was pretty set on the fact she would come a few days early. Those contractions kept coming, they even woke me up out of my sleep at night, but they NEVER became consistent.

It was craziness!

The week and a half before turned into 5 days after my due date.

My midwife and I were brainstorming, I was trying all the methods (that NEVER work) to get Nunu moving and she would just not budge! Then Bethany, my midwife, suggested that we have Mayte, a mexican doula, come over and work her ancient massage method on my belly. I was like "Yes let's do it!"

So she and Bethany came over, they started to release the tight ligaments in my stressed out uterus, ever so softly. Mayte worked on me for awhile and while she worked on me I started getting contractions. She started timing them and they seemed consistent. But at that point I was pretty sure Nunu wanted to live inside of me forever. Mayte left, I kept getting contractions, and so I called Stetson and told him it was time for him to come home.

The contractions never stopped and got stronger and by this time Bethany and her assistant/student midwife came to check on me.

They checked my cervix to see if the contractions were doing anything and I was at about 3 centimeters dilated.

That wasn't that promising to me...but maybe, just maybe December 6 would be the night.

And it was!

I tried to sleep.

But I couldn't.

At 12 midnight I remember looking at Stetson sleeping in envy because I WANTED TO SLEEP TOO!

The thing with labor is that you never know how long it would be and at that moment I felt it would be eternal lol.

The contractions started coming a bit faster so I had come up with a strategy to help ease my pain. When I felt the contractions coming, I would get out of the bed, go sit in the water, labor through the contraction in the water and then I would get out when it was over to rest in the bed.

But then they started coming too fast, I had to wake up Stetson and I asked him to call Bethany.

They, Bethany and her two assistants Mozeke and Becky, got there super fast. I don't remember the time but I do remember thinking "Oh! They're here!"

They were sooooo very supportive. I remember them telling me "You can do it mama" It was so empowering and it's a moment that will always be super close to my heart.

Mozeke started the tub so that I could have the baby in the water. When she did I was like "I don't think we'll have time."

I remember saying that I needed to poop! Bethany told me that I could go sit on the toilet..

And then when I got on the toilet and I pushed...I felt Nunu's head!

So I screamed to them "The baby's coming!"

I pushed, Bethany only saw the head, so then I pushed super hard (because I was like, get this thing out!) and out she came!

With one push

I was done and so very happy! I got to see my beautiful, sweet baby and I loved her so much.

They made an herbal bath for Nunu and I to help the healing process and it was so serene.

The kiddos were there and Stetson went to wake them up so that they could see me and meet Nunu.

It was such a loving, cool, unforgettable experience and I cannot wait to have this baby, at home, our baby "mic drop".

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

Until next time,


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