My Birth Story: Liam

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Liam is now three years old but I remember the night/morning I had him like yesterday. The night I went into labor, was the night of Aria’s first birthday! We had been to the splash park, ate some cake, been literally everywhere because I LOVE BIRTHDAYS and I love to celebrate. I knew that I was probably going to have the baby that night so I had Stetson take a picture of me being pregnant with both of my babies because that was my vision this pregnancy, something simple yet something motherly powerful.

I kind of thought that this would be my last baby, but you know I’ve always had a feeling that maybe it wasn’t.

So I asked Stetson to get a white sheet, hang it on the door, let’s get the kids and pose.

So while I was posing, I got a super sharp labor pain, and then that is when I knew baby, we didn’t find out if Liam was a boy or a girl, was on its way! We kept posing until we got it just right and then I let the kiddos go to sleep!

Stet and I went to sleep for a bit but then labor starts as it usually does with me, going from the tub, to wait out the contractions and then to the bed to get a bit of rest. I remember being sad because I KNEW I was not going to be able to sleep and I was so tired! We had done so much that day for Aria’s first birthday, but when it’s time for baby to come, baby comes! When I knew it was the real deal I let Stet know to get up and get us ready since we had to travel to what used to be “Birth and Women’s Center” in Dallas, they’ve since closed down.

I had been up all night laboring so when we left to go to the birth center, it was around 6 a.m. and we were in traffic! Labor and traffic was horrible with contractions because I was stuck in a seat! I couldn’t move around, no water to sit in, I just had to take the pain as if I was strapped to a hospital bed and it was THE WORST.

We finally made it and my midwife Anna was there, waiting with a couple of birth assistants. I remember when she checked my cervix she said that I was ready to go but I don’t quite remember how many centimeters my cervix was dilated. Usually when you have consistent, hard contractions and you’re about a 5, I’ve noticed that they usually are like “Ok I think this is it!”.

I tried to have Liam in the water but it was just not working, I didn’t have Aria that way either, although I tried, but I’m not sure if it’s just my brain that doesn’t think I can do it or if it just doesn’t work for me. I was sooooooo tired. I had been up half the night laboring and then here I was in actual labor so when it was time to push, I just didn’t have the stamina. I remember glancing at the clock on the wall, reading 9:00 am, even though my contractions were coming strong and back to back, thinking, “I want to sleep but this baby won’t come out!”

I pushed, and pushed, realized that I wasn’t pushing right because absolutely nothing was happening and my legs were HURTING. I had been pushing for about 30 minutes and then pushed like I had to poop and out came baby! I looked at the clock and it was about 9:30 a.m. I remember Anna said “It’s a boy!” I was happy, but super exhausted. I “knew” that Liam was a boy so I wasn’t too surprised but I was the most relieved that the baby had come out!

They cleaned him up a bit but not too much to keep some of his vernix on him since it’s so great for a newborn’s skin (it basically melts into their skin like lotion and makes them super soft!).

There was a bit of an issue with Liam’s breathing that if couldn’t be regulated by him laying on my chest, would have to be solved at the hospital.

I did not want that but I was not worried so we started a bit of a system. He laid on me, they suctioned him out, laid on me again until his breathing was regulated on its own. (It’s amazing the benefits of skin to skin and how much it helps baby.)

We stayed there for a few hours, I ate a delicious breakfast while Stetson and I bonded with our new baby boy and then we were off! Off to have him meet his siblings and start our new normal.

After having Liam I was a bit overwhelmed. My brain had to adjust to having basically two babies, a two year old and a one year old, plus a newborn. It had me frozen at first but I figured out a new system and it became like second nature. This is a reminder that you CAN do hard things. There is no doubt in my mind that you can’t do them, whoever you are reading this blog post, because this is super simple, YOU CAN. I am currently writing this post with 4 kids all around me, getting on my nerves, calling my name one hundred times, fighting, a.k.a. DOING THE MOST. But here I am, at the end of my birth story, as another reminder that I CAN do hard things also.

So mama, you want to have that baby naturally, or have one million babies like I did? Repeat after me, “I can do hard things, and I can do them well!”.

Until next time,


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