My Day at Vivian’s Boutique Spa

Listen to that voice in your head as you read this...there is no other place you should go for a manicure or pedicure...

It was the best experience for me! I cannot go anywhere else because Vivian‘s has ruined any other place of nail pampering for me. It was just that delightful.

As I entered into this oasis in the middle of Greenville, Dallas, I was greeted by Kristen, the owner, with a beautiful smile. She offered something to drink and of course I chose a mimosa :) (Since it was my birthday, partaaayyyy)

Although there were others there, it was super quiet and peaceful! The decor is simple, chic and homey with sparkling chandeliers and custom made wooden furniture. Others were there, for massages and other beautifying things but I was the ONLY one there for a mani and pedi. (This is on a Saturday morning, you guys, it was nothing short of amazing.)

I did not wait long at all before my nail tech came to get me started! She was so personal and relatable. We talked about our children, how she came to be in Dallas, how she came to be at Vivian’s. We talked about grocery services, husbands, and she even g

ave me the back story on how Vivian’s came to be! She was such great company and I did not realized I was missing that girl talk while getting my nails done. I noticed that there were old pictures placed on the custom-made wooden furniture and Kristen, the owner, shared with me that they were pictures of her mom and her aunt in the forties and her grandparents in the early 20th century. Cool or cool?! Such a perfect touch to a usually more public place of service.

The manicure and pedicure were super relaxing. She was able to get my cuticles very well with no pain. Scrubbed my feet and got them soft, soooo very soft, the 100,000 hours a day I spend on my feet running after kids, toddlers and babies-roughness, melted away almost instantly. They only use Zoya polish, because this boutique spa is a chemical-free zone. (Totally adored this too). I hesitated on whether I wanted polish on my nails but it stayed pretty well for a week and I am ALWAYS using my hands due to my four littles.

When I left, I felt rejuvenated and relaxed! I even made an appointment for the following month because this is definitely a spot that needs to be in my “me time” rotation.

Me. Relaxed and Flyy


  1. Relaxing and beautiful environment

  2. Mimosas and other refreshments

  3. REAL FLIP FLOPS after pedicure

  4. again...REAL FLIP FLOPS after pedicure

  5. Wonderful customer service

  6. Quality polish

  7. Quality service

  8. Chemical Free environment for the pregnant beauties and those who opt for a safer alternative


  1. Chemical Free environment for those who want a polish that lasts a bit longer

This was a wonderful, wonderful experience and I am so glad to have found a lady get away if only for an hour. It was necessary for my mind, body and spirit. I look forward to experiencing massages and more at this establishment of rest made just for us.

So when you visit Vivian’s, tell Kristen Adrianne sent you!

Until next time,


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