Our First Girl's Night!

When was the last time you had a girl's night since we've been trapped in the house due to the 'rona? Have you been able to go to a get together? Experience the night life? BE unapologetically youuuu?

No? Well a few Peacock Mamas and myself had a mini night out, masks and all (we stayed safe y'all so don't get to judging ;)). We hit up Gloria's Latin Cuisine and had all the fun! The drinks were amazing, the food was amazing, we looked amazing, it was just THEE best.

Why did we decide to get out? Well because it was fun! We had been discussing all of the things that make us Peacock Mamas, the boss, the sexy, the homey, the selfie and the party. The party part of us was begging to get out in a safe and fun way so a few of us went for it!

When each of our Peacock Mamas arrived they were greeted with bags full of goodies and samples from bossy Peacock Mamas that included Scensty samples , coupons for Pure Romance, peacock feathers and more!

We engaged in small talk conversation as we ordered drinks and food. The drinks were delicious and "strong" so this made our conversation go from kind and chatty to deep and "grown and sexy". We had the best time talking about romance, God, astrology, sex, motherhood...just all the things.

It was so fun to just be. To just be...a woman. We weren't consumed with our titles, our responsibilities, our commitments. We were reminded of how fun femininity, being ourselves and enjoying life to the fullest! It was a great day to just relax, look sexy and laugh with women who enjoy loving themselves.

So will you be at our next event? I cannot wait to have you there and to be with you!

See you soon,


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