The Birth of My Baby Boy: Ian

Updated: May 1, 2020

It was a bit difficult for me to write this particular birth story because it triggers a lot of different emotions in me. It was a time of great joy while being a bit traumatic. Usually natural/no-meds birth, although being hard, is a fairly simple experience for mama. The pain increases as time goes on and then it is time for you to push your beautiful baby out. Ian's, a.k.a. Mickey, birth was not as simple.

I began labor a few days before I had him. It was much like my first baby's birth and I was pretty surprised. I expected for him to come earlier than he did but he began to rev up just when he needed to. :)

When I began to actually have labor pains, my mom and sister were with me so we decided to go get some tacos and then I wanted to head to Ulta to get some lipstick (to be cute after I had my baby of course). The pains kept coming so hard and fast that I decided I had to concede and go home. I hesitated to go home since I had been in labor the last couple of days, I didn't want to think that this was it! But it so was. :)

I was in constant communication with my midwife and she told me she was on her way because based on how my labor went with Nunu, my now one year old, Mickey was most likely coming fast and NOW. (If she hadn't come then...if she hadn't taken such good care of me...knowing my birthing patterns...Mickey might not be here today. So grateful for Bethany Stricker!)

Her student midwife arrived first, Kim, checking my vitals and Mickey's, everything was great! Bethany, my midwife, arrived and checked on all the things that Kim had and everything was moving right along as it should, until my water broke.

I have noticed that when my water breaks, nurses and midwives tend to check to make sure baby is ok and now I have a better understanding of why this is the case. When things shift inside, it might shift in a way where the baby is not in as great of a position and might not be well. This is normally not the case, but in my situation it was.

When my water broke, the umbilical cord came down first, then Mickey came down head first on top of the cord (prolapsed cord). This created an emergency situation for him because he lost his source of oxygen. He was not longer in the sac because it had broken and so now he was in my uterus with no access to air. My midwife checked to see if his heart rate would return to normal and it didn’t matter what position I was in, his heart rate was too slow, meaning he was not getting air. I was in my tub sitting upright, moved to the birthing tub, laid back and got on my knees and there was no change in his heart rate. Then Bethany asked me to move to the bed and lay on my back. It wasn't until I laid on my back on my bed that all was right, for a few moments. There it was! A healthy, strong heartbeat. When she needed to move me on my knees, as I was having a contraction, I felt the need to push and when I did my umbilical cord came out first! (Nothing should come out before baby). In that moment, she told me that I had to push him out immediately and then told Stetson, my husband, to call 911 emergency.

I was, at the time, around a 6 or a 7 centimeters dilated but I was able to push, along with Bethany's help, Mickey out in one contraction! I was relieved, but my relief was short lived because he was white and floppy. He wasn't breathing at all on his own. They began to do chest compressions on him and rescue breaths. But it seemed to take forever! I mean forever! While he laid there and I watched them work on him attempting to save my baby's life there were so many things that went through my head.

"Is this real?"

"Oh no he'll be fine...he'll breathe any moment now."

"Wait why is this taking so long?!"

"Jesus is my baby gonna die?"

"No he will be fine. Just talk to him. He's still there."

So I began to talk to him. "Mickey come on baby. Wake up. You can do this."

The emergency team came in and one angelic one began listening for his heartbeat and he was so amazed and excited to hear it!

"He has a strong heartbeat! It's 150 something per minute!" (Ya'll I love him and I will forever!)

We were then taken in the ambulance and all I could do was cry. Tears of joy and tears of "I can't believe this just happened!".

In the hospital we both looked great although Mickey was showing signs his body was trying to recover too quickly so he had to stay for a bit longer in the infant intensive care unit.

The time that he was in the hospital he did nothing but flourish. He only gained weight, he latched so very easily, he was the joy of all the nurses.

My visiting him was not even hard on my body. I healed even though I never stopped to rest. I had no tearing and my uterus contracted as it should.

Although it was an emotional birth, it was my most freeing birth. I was able to have my baby at my home, surrounded by my family, with the help of my midwives even though everything did not go as it normally does. If I was an advocate for natural birth at your home before, now is no comparison to then. I am an advocate even when complications arise. I still advocate for a home birth because my midwife knew exactly what to do. What needed to be done. She checked on baby and me, kept me calm while believing that I could do what I needed to do to save my baby’s life. Then she helped me do so. She then, her and her student acted quickly with CPR and helped him to breathe again. There was nothing more that would have happened at a hospital. If anything, it was better than being at a hospital because she was only focused on me and was able to respond so very quickly. A few minutes delay would have meant brain damage or death for my baby and instead he has no damage at all and is a healthy, happy baby. I am an advocate because it is your choice. It is your choice to create a child and it your choice to give birth to them however it is that you desire.

Because you are woman and the world should hear you roar.

Until next time,


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