The Perfect Sexy Date Night

So since we have been stuck in the house the last few months, the scheduled or spontaneous date nights have been few and far between. We have all been quarantined with our significant others ALL THE TIME. Every hour. Every minute. It might seem as if we don't need a date night. But mama you TOTALLY do! YALL totally do. There is something magical about making a specific effort for a special time with your hunnie. It brings a sexiness, a spark, a warmness to your heart for one another that nothing else brings. So let's talk about how to have an easy, intentional, amazing date night AT THE HOUSE.

1. Set the scene.

It's all about the ambiance. Order some rose petals from Amazon and sprinkle them on the bed and on the bedroom floor. Set the lights low or lights some candles that will dim the lighting in the room. Create a playlist that sets the mood for the night you want to achieve. Is it a night that you will uplift one another and profess your undying love? Play the most loving slow jams known to man! Is it a night that the freak of all freaks will come out and play? Ginuwine, Usher and Megan Thee Stallion is what you need! #wap ;). It is all about the scene. The scene is the beginning of your date night story, set it with intention!

2. Whatchu wearing?

Whatever makes you feel the most confident, wear that! There is no cookie cutter plan for sexy things to wear. The key is to be the most confident in what you wear. Confidence=sexy. That's it! If you want to wear an oversized tee, roll up the sleeves and tie up the side and pair it with some cute panties. If you want to wear some sexy and comfy boy shorts, wear a cropped tee with no bra, If you want to wear a nightie, pair it with some heels. If you want to wear nothing, wrap all that sexiness in a sheet and build up to the reveal. Whatever it is that makes you feel amazing, wear THAT!

3. The drank and the cuisine.

I love to mix up a fun and alcoholic drink for a date or some wine, but I also love a nice bubbly soda to add some sweetness to the mix. I also am a believer in good food and that it will up the fun in any situation. Order in to from your favorite restaurant. My vegan faves are always on speed dial but I also like to make it fun by cooking! You could get an input for the night's menu from your boo so that you can cook it for them or you can cook together! There is a lot of fun that can come from cooking together and enjoying one another's company and love. Although it is a rare occurrence in the Grayson house, cooking is one of our favorite things to do!

So are yall ready? To plan the most fun date night ever and add a bit of spark but always most importantly love between you two?!

Let's go mama! Let me know how it goes afterwards! I wanna know in the comments or shoot me an email!

Until next time,


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