When Our Hate Consumes

It's crazy how every individual can see the world so very differently. Instead of seeing one picture, we all see millions of different pictures. It makes us have different beliefs, different loves, different irritations, different truths. So then my question is how can we move PAST this?

How can we come together as one? Do we even believe that this is possible? Or is it easier to sit in the comfort of your truth when you aren't affected by the tragedy of the truth of others?

We have all been brought up in a society where we feel things are fine as they are. This is just the way that it is. The running theme seems to be "Ya'll still mad about slavery? We've changed a lot since then."

Hell yea I'm still mad about slavery!

But a more correct assessment of my feelings is that I'm still HURT by slavery. I'm still HURT by lynchings. I'm still HURT when I read stories in history of affluent black communities being burnt to the ground. I'm still HURT that I feel this could happen today. I'm still HURT that my sons, my fathers, my brothers, my sisters, my aunts, my mothers are getting killed every day.

I'm still HURT that just yesterday I had to comment on a post "This is insensitive." to one of MY friends on Facebook, that happened to be white, who commented on the reaction to George Floyd's murder.

We're HURT that although we're HURT it seems our pain is seen as something we should just get over.

We should shut up and do better, and then maybe we wouldn't have to be killed.

We wouldn't have to be murdered.

We wouldn't have to die.

Over and over again.

Why would the value of anyone's life be conditional? How does that make ANY sense?

I'll ask again.


It is THIS issue that always brings us back to outrage.

It is THIS issue that always brings us back to tragedy.

The lack of love is the problem.