Why We Don't Celebrate Jesus's Birthday On Christmas

DISCLAIMER: I am sharing to share, not to express judgment on others. Stetson and I still believe that Christmastime is a beautiful time of the year. We cherish the family time, the activities, the music (I just played Silver Bells by Cece Winans yesterday and sang my heart out). It seems we are all so much more kind to one another, even those that we do not know, because of the loving energy that Christmas brings. It took me a bit longer to come to this conclusion than Stetson, he has felt weird about it for awhile. But me, being the holiday enthusiast (I will literally make up a holiday to celebrate), I did NOT want to hear it. I thought he was being a bit cynical...until I forced myself to do a bit of research and reflected on what I knew God wanted for our family.

Candy Cane for Jesus

Reason #1: We Don't Actually Focus On Jesus

Ya'll honestly, my Christmas goes like this...hot chocolate making contest, gift opening, eating, being together and watching moves, eating, a quick story about Jesus, playing games with my kids, eating and more eating.

We even set Santa up with milk and cookies and do the whole Elf on the Shelf thing leading up to Christmas, visit Santa, go see the Christmas lights, go to all the random activities (because as I said I'm EXTRA) and all the focus I usually give Jesus is Christmas songs, ,which I honestly sing mostly for nostalgia, and maybe a fifteen minute story, FIFTEEN MINUTES YA'LL and the holiday is called CHRISTmas!

The making of our candy canes :)

I mean we do focus on Jesus at church so maybe add a measly 2 more hours to the ENTIRE season, which is approximately THIRTY DAYS.

When I reflected on it, it actually made me a bit sad. I mean i haven't done nearly as much or am as amazing as Jesus and I wish the whole world would pretend that it was my birthday and really make it about themselves! (I wish, being a figure of slang speech)

Or at least that is what the Grayson family, with me leading the charge, has been doing