You NEED Sex...Yep I Said It


Why are we hesitant to know our bodies? Why is it on the back burner of our sex lives? Whether we like to admit or not, this is the truth for so many of us women. Especially us Peacock Mamas with a whole lotta kids. But should it be?

We tend to focus on all things outwardly when it comes to motherhood. Sex is so inward and hidden that we tend to not put focus on it at all. Our orgasms are quick, if we have them at all. Our intentionality with sex just waits “until the kids grow up” and by that time we are typically in our 40s and 50s and have missed out on YEARS of experiencing the joy that comes with knowing those most inner parts of ourselves.

I did a poll in our Facebook group and most of us weren’t sure about what we liked sexually. So since we know this, what are we doing to figure it tf out?! Yep, it’s THAT serious.

Sex is a part of life that is meant to be ENJOYED. So why would we choose to NOT enjoy it? Why would YOU choose to not enjoy it?

We are so occupied with the routines, the day-to-day that we forget that God made sex! God made sex for a WHOLE reason. Not to be this thing that we might get to…when we maybe have time. Also not that one thing we may do if we are not tired and exhausted from a long day.

Naw sis, it’s a whole priority. It’s a way to unwind and escape! It’s a way to love your partner and most importantly it’s a way to love YOU.

So make a date with your special person.

Or make a date with your vibrator.

Or make a date with both.

Get to know you. You MUST learn to make sex a priority so that you know and love YOU more and more each day.

Until next time,