Done living a mediocre life when you know deep within your were created for more? Are your anxious thoughts overwhelming the thoughts of joy and hope? 


I created this two-week guided journal to help you on the path of conquering anxious thoughts and unlocking the unlimited power. within YOU!


I am so excited for your journey! This is just the beginning.

Renew Your Mind Guided Journal


    Looking for a group of women who understand you like no one else?

    When you start having a whole lotta kids, they kinda take over your life. Well it's time to start a fresh, more balanced and fulfilling chapter as a Peacock Mama. Ok? Ok! :)

    We are group of women who empower and uplift ourselves in entreprenurship/finances, home life, inner and outer beauty, having all the fun, and lighting our sexy fires. We want to always remember how fun, confident, ambitious and amazing we still are with a "whole lotta kids".  Join our flock!

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