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  • When will my order be shipped?
    Our herbal blends are made fresh to order to preserve the quality and freshness of your herbals. Processing of your order is up to 7 business days and then your order will be shipped. Confirmation of shipment and tracking number will be sent to the email you input at checkout. 💚
  • I did not receive confirmation of my order.
    Be sure that the email address you regularly check is the email address you input at checkout! All information regarding your order (confirmation, shipment, tracking number, etc.) will be sent to your email.
  • How do I make this tea?
    *See attached video :)* Step 1: Measure your tea for a glass or two (see your package label for measurements) Step 2: Place in glass or container that can be covered Step 3: Pour 8oz (for one glass) of steamed/boiling water over your herbs Step 4: Let sit for 5-10 min Step 5: Strain in your favorite glass or container Step 6: Enjoy!
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