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Pau D' Arco, Marshmallow Root and Holy basil is the combination of herbs that will nourish your body cooling it down to relieve you from discomfort that may come from excess mucus in your body. Pau D' Arco is an herb that relieves from inflammation and infection while cooling the body. Marshmallow root relieves from inflammation while also moistening the body to allow whatever is in excess, for example mucus, to release from the body. Holy Basil calms your cough while calming your spirit, bringing balance to your emotions. 


Swipe left on the product images to see the benefits of each herb in this blend.


*Herbs in our herbal blends are created with herbs from reputable, organic sources*


This is a great tea to take as a preventative measure and during sickness to promote your balance or wellness to return. :)




*Makes 20-30 cups*

Cough and Cold Herbal Tea (Loose Leaf)

  • If your order cannot be delivered and it is then returned, once we receive your package back you will be refunded the cost of your package minus a restocking fee of $4 and shipping cost if applicable

    Thank you!

    Peacock Apothecary

  • All Sales Are Final

    All tea blends are made to order and extra care has been taken to preserve freshness and quality. Since they are made to order no refunds will be granted to customer once purchase is made.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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